Benefits of Semen Retention

Have you ever thought about how much power is in your semen? For a man, a single ejaculation may contain about 100 million individual sperm. When you consider that each one of these sperm can potentially become a full-grown human being, this is an enormous amount of power! Yet the average man gives no regard to the power of his sperm. He may carelessly toss it away where the potential is wasted.

Many ancient cultures understood the power of semen and the importance of retaining the seed. The body invests a great amount of it’s resources into creating sperm. If you are constantly ejaculating, the body may be spending it’s reserves on creating sperm 24/7. When you begin to retain from ejaculation, a great deal of energy can be built up. Hormonal levels, such as testosterone, greatly increase. Confidence is amplified and you may find yourself becoming irresistible to the opposite sex. Sexual issues such erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation tend to be resolved after practicing retention.

The most important aspect of semen retention is the ability to transmute and circulate the sexual energy throughout the body. When you learn to open the acupuncture meridians through practices such as qigong, yoga, or meditation, the sexual energy can be drawn through the body to create full-body orgasmic states. This energy can be exchanged with a partner to create deeper levels of bliss and connection. Instead of the sexual act coming to an abrupt end with ejaculation, sexual intercourse (or self-cultivation) can last for literally hours on end, creating heightened states of ecstasy.

But don’t just take my word for it, try sexual kung fu today. With a bit of training, old sexual habits can be changed into more beneficial and pleasurable ones. Once you start down the path of conscious sexuality, you may never want to live any other way.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Semen Retention

  1. Geoff says:


    I like you page, I found it on google web browser but I actually already follow your Instagram. Small Web.

    What are your thoughts on the “magic button” / “million dollar spot”? I have read conflicting views. I am reading and trying to learn how to control and separate ejaculation and orgasm, however during this phase there is the risk of accidental ejaculation and loss of retention.
    The magic button prevents this, but can still lose seminal fluids if they go to Bladder etc. Some say the back pressure can be damaging to the person.

    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Rejoice in your merits.

    Best Regards,


    1. Johnathan White says:

      Geoff, I have used this technique on occasion. It is not my favorite, but it can be a useful ‘when all else fails’ technique. The problem with the million dollar point is that using it can cause some problems with stagnation in the prostate area. If you do use it, as it can be helpful as a backup when learning the other exercises, it is very important to thoroughly massage the perineum and prostate area after the orgasm.


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