Your Relationship to Sexual Energy

“Sexual energy is a unique expression of the universe”

Chi (or Qi) is a Chinese word which is translated literally to “subtle breath.” We associate this to something we refer to as “energy.” It is similar to the force of electricity, it cannot be seen but it is certainly there. And when you train in certain practices such as meditation, yoga, or qigong, it can be felt and directly experienced. Chi runs through the body in channels, which are often referred to as the acupuncture meridians.

Most people are unaware of this constant universal flow of energy. However, the experience of an orgasm is the most direct encounter that the majority of people have with feeling this chi pulsing through their body. When you have an orgasm, your physical (and energetic) body vibrate at a much higher rate. The heart beats faster, the breath often deepens, and time seems to stand still.

Sexual energy is a unique expression of the universe. This powerful force is always available for us to use, for better or for worse. However, the average human has a very unconscious relationship with their sexual energy.Many people restrict their orgasmic awareness to the genitals alone. Little do they know, they could be experiencing full-body states of pulsating ecstasy!

The key to beginning to harmonize your relationship with sexual energy is to become familiar with your own energy and the way it flows through your body. I’ve spent years training in the arts of yoga, qigong, meditation, and Sexual Kung Fu. I have developed practices that are meant to make this learning process much quicker and easier for you. Have a look at my online training!


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