Qigong For Sexual Vitality

Qigong, pronounced “chee-gung”, is an ancient practice that originated in ancient China. Qi (or chi) is translated into “life-energy”, Gong translates into “that which is developed over time”. So essentially qigong is the practice of developing and increasing one’s life force with regular practice.

Unlike many modern exercise systems, qigong utilizes slow, gentle movements, combined with mindful breathing and meditative awareness. This practice opens the energetic meridians of the body, and channels energy through them. Similar to the way an acupuncturist uses needles to direct energy currents through a patients body, qigong can keep these energetic meridians open and flowing with life force.

In this modern world of great accomplishment and overworking, it is nearly inevitable for the average human’s energy levels to deteriorate over time. As we experience stress and traumas in our life, we develop “blockages” in our energy channels. This leads to decreased energy, motivation, and eventually, chronic disease. Qigong is a self-empowering tool that allows the practitioner to keep their energy channels open and flowing, promoting long life and a very healthy body. A regular qigong practice will keep you young… well into old age.

One manifestation of low energy levels is sexual dysfunction. For many males, this is often experienced as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and loss of interest in sex. Many qigong practitioners have eliminated these undesirable conditions. Qigong is an excellent practice that anyone can use to greatly improve their physical and sexual health, and ensure that they age gracefully.

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