Full-Body Enlightement

Do you meditate from your brain, or your entire body?

The ancient Taoists considered our awareness to reside not in our brain, but in the entire body. The five major organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, stomach) each have their own consciousness. Our brain is like a computer, it processes information. But this information is not coming from the brain, it is coming from the entire body. Focusing your awareness exclusively in the brain and experiencing life from the head actually brings your out of your center, and leads to a lack of grounding.

The organs can store emotions, they can hold traumas from the past. When we learn to tune into this deep body consciousness, we can create deep shifts in our being. Old patterns can be released, in place of old negative emotions and programming we can radiate virtues such as love, kindness, and integrity.

I used to bypass my deep body awareness and go straight to the brain, experiencing crown and third eye opening. I was very into paths of “transcendence” I had many powerful cosmic experiences, but I had trouble integrating these experiences into my earthly life. I was disconnected from my body, my relationships were a mess, and I struggled financially.

Over the past decade, I’ve been intensely studying various energetic practices. I’ve trained in yoga, meditation, pranayama qigong, neigong, neidan (internal alchemy), kundalini yoga, tantra, shamanism, breathwork, quantum healing, reiki. I’ve found that strengthening my physical body, staying grounded, and working with the deep organ elemental consciousness has brought an embodiment of a very multi-dimensional experience of life.

These days I see people using spiritual practices as a way to escape their earthly reality. My personal practice helps me integrate all aspects of my life, from the most mundane daily tasks to the most ethereal cosmic experiences. I want to have the ultimate human experience!

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