“Before working with Johnathan I always knew I had an inner power and confidence, but struggled to tap into it and unleash it. After working with Johnathan I learned to use my sexual energy to step into my natural, confident self. I have experienced direct business growth and stronger attraction between myself and my wife. I feel powerful and like a whole new man! This is a life transformation, it is a must do!”

-Nick Pereira,

Sexual Kung Fu Mastery Program

My SKF Mastery 3-month Program is a personalized training to help you MASTER your sexual energy and magnetize your ideal life. You will become a master in the bedroom, and in your daily life.

Month 1: Clearing

  • Week 1: Clearing negative emotions
  • Week 2: Transformational Breathwork
  • Week 3: Qigong Basics
  • Week 4: Microcosmic Orbit

Month 2: Building

  • Week 5: Grounding & standing in your power
  • Week 6: Semen Retention
  • Week 7: Sexual Transmutation
  • Week 8: Arousal Control

Month 3: Mastery

  • Week 9: Advanced Arousal Control
  • Week 10: Partner application
  • Week 11: Heart Connection
  • Week 12: Manifesting With Sexual Energy

You’ll Receive:

  • 12 weekly 1:1 training sessions
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Email Support
  • Mastermind Group Access
  • BONUS: Multi-Orgasmic Man 6-week course access

You Will Be Able to Create:

  • Financial Abundance
  • Better Sex
  • Increased Confidence
  • Magnetic Influence
  • Radiant Health & Energy Levels

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