In this Recorded Master-course you will learn:

  • How to awaken your prostate to experience hands-free, mind-blowing, non-ejaculatory Super Orgasms
  • How to rewire the mind and body to experience┬ásustained levels of pleasure and orgasm without touching the penis
  • How to keep your prostate healthy for life
  • How to release deep tensions held in the pelvic area that may contribute to premature ejaculation, pelvic pain, and weak erections
  • Prostate Breathing practice to activate the root of your sexual vitality, pleasure, and masculine drive.
  • Nervous system balancing to associate arousal with states of deep relaxation and grounding

The prostate is the root of a man's sexuality, without developing a conscious connection to this gland, a man will never know the full potential of his sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

 What is a prostate Super Orgasm? Take your best ejaculatory orgasm you've ever had, amplify it 10 times, and you'll be getting close. Most men have no idea of the immense full-body pleasure that prostate orgasms can bring.

With so much shame and embarrassment around this area of the body, it's no wonder why at least 50% of men at some point experience serious health issues related to the prostate. Learn to activate, connect to this gland, and create orgasmic spasms in it, and you will have a healthy prostate for life. 

This easy to follow course will help you learn how to use relaxation, passive prostate massage, and mind-body exercises to bring yourself into deep states of orgasmic pleasure.

*Important note: I highly recommend purchasing a prostate massager for this course. This is the best model:

Please note, experiencing a prostate orgasm requires a process of re-wiring the body and mind and awakening the prostate to become a sensitive erogenous zone. This is not an overnight process, but something you will develop over the weeks and months of working with the course. If you are patient and dedicated to working long term with the simple practices, you will be rewarded greatly.

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*Multi-Orgasmic Man students*
The content in this class is different than what's in M.O.M. and this not included in your course.