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Qigong Mastery

Want to experience radiant, tangible energy flowing through your body?

Qi = universal energy, Gong = discipline, skill,
so Qigong = the skill in cultivating universal energy.



  • Feel the Chi Flowing
  • Energize yourself
  • Get high on the universal life force
  • Supercharge your practice with powerful internal energy activation

Qigong is a powerful practice that enables you to connect with the abundant universal energy field that constantly surrounds you. Qigong is shown to have many health benefits, improve concentration and focus, and improve energy levels. But to me these things are secondary. When practiced regularly, Qigong is a tool that can connect you to a constant natural "high" that trumps any natural or pharmaceutical substance. Imagine being able to keep yourself in a peak state of heightened bliss and altered consciousness... this is the promise that a dedicated Qigong practice can deliver. 

Maybe you've practiced Qigong, Tai Chi, or meditation, but you've never experienced a tangible sensation of energy flow.

Years ago, when I first began practicing qigong, I would feel a bit of a tingle in my fingers. That was it. And that's what most people settle for in their practice. Unfortunately, this is because a lot of the internal energetic activation protocols have either been left out by most teachers, or forgotten entirely over the ages. Many modern teachers promote very physical, tension-filled routines that are essentially arm-waving practices combined with breathing and visualization. This can bring some positive effect, but is the energetic equivalent of having a leaking kitchen sink versus a fire hose at running full-blast. I was fortunate to study with teachers who understood these relatively unknown principles, and my practice became supercharged. The slight tingle in my hands turned into torrents of hydraulic red hot magma pulsing through my energy channels... often when I walk my legs feel like they’re wired into an electric fence and my Dantien hums with radioactive energy. This is the fully activated energy body that we humans were meant to experience daily... at some point in time we forgot the way.

The purpose of this Qigong Mastery training video is to teach you these very simple yet extremely powerful internal alignments so that you can start to have a tangible experience of Chi... one that will grow to very powerful levels with daily practice. 

The practices in this video can either be used as a standalone Qigong routine, or as a supplement and major energy boost to your current practice. If you already have an internal arts practice, you can integrate the principles I teach in this video to supercharge your practice and unlock the powerful flow of energy that the masters talk about in the classic texts.