Inner Smile Meditation




Do you want to relieve stress?

Do you want to learn to calm yourself and unlock the healing powers of your body?

Do you have trouble focusing during meditation?

The Inner Smile is a very simple, yet powerful meditation.

With the Inner Smile you will be able to

  • Relax on a very deep level
  • Release blockages and negativity trapped within the body
  • Unlock the body’s natural healing powers
  • Redirect the busy mind, instead of trying to stop it
  • Dissolve inner resistance
  • Have a simple and sustainable daily meditation that you look forward to
  • Learn to “smile” to the outside world and release resistance to unpleasant situations

“The Inner Smile is the most simple practice I’ve learned, yet it is very powerful. It has taught me to release my internal resistance and embrace all aspects of myself. The Inner Smile truly embodies the principles of Taoism, surrendering to the flow, and accepting what is.”

-Johnathan White

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