Sexual Kung Fu: Multi-Orgasmic Mastery


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Tired of being an “average” Lover?

Do you come too quickly?

Do you want to learn to have non-ejaculatory orgasms, over and over?

With this “Multi-Orgasmic Mastery” training video, you will learn to:

  • Increase your sexual energy
  • Control your ejaculation
  • Improve your sexual performance
  • Experience non-ejaculatory orgasms
  • Increase the length of your penis naturally
  • Circulate sexual energy throughout the body
  • Overcome Premature Ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction

“The techniques shown in the video are easy to learn, and simple to use. With these exercises, you will be able to gain effortless control of your arousal, and be able choose WHEN and IF you are going to ejaculate. Any man can become a Multi-Orgasmic Master using these methods!”

-Johnathan White



“What I liked about the video was that it provided me visuals and detailed step by step instructions which were easy to follow. Books and written material can sometimes be hard to follow when learning a new practice so you made it easy. It was well organized and provided me a lot of exercises for me to follow not to mention some new ones that I wasn’t familiar with.” JP


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6 thoughts on “Sexual Kung Fu: Multi-Orgasmic Mastery

  1. Corey says:

    Hi Johnathan!

    I just recently saw your videos on youtube and am interested in your courses.

    Other than your own book and courses, what other books or authors do you recommend on this subject? Where did you learn this?



    1. Johnathan White says:

      Hello Corey,

      I recommend “Taoist Secrets of Love” by Mantak Chia, “Tao of Sexology” by Stephen Chang, and “Taoist Sexual Meditation” by Bruce Frantzis.

      I learned these practices from several teachers I’ve studied with over the years, in Tantra, qigong, meditation, internal alchemy and yogic practices.

  2. yaniv says:

    hi Johnathan
    the course Multi-Orgasmic Mastery is a video course?

  3. Alex says:


    Can you take this course only or do you have to take the kung fu workout vol 1. course first?

    1. Johnathan White says:

      Alex, you can take this course first. It is a stand alone practice, though I do recommend going through both.


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