In this Master-course you will learn:

  • How to practice Semen Retention as a sustainable lifestyle
  • The right semen retention cycle for highest vitality, energy levels, and hormonal support
  • How to maintain an active sex life while still practicing semen retention
  • The dangers of semen retention and how to avoid them
  • How to keep yourself balanced and sleep well at night so that you feel energized, motivated, and creative regularly rather than irritable and sexually frustrated
  • Daily practices you can use to keep your mind and body balanced and transmute your sexual desire into pure creative energy
  • How to circulate your sexual energy to supercharge your magnetism and creativity

Semen Retention is an ancient practice that has many benefits.

The problem now is that the internet is full of semen retention "gurus" who don't understand the energetic dynamics of holding and circulating a higher charge of sexual energy, and some of them give advice that is misleading or even dangerous.

Semen Retention is not a stand-alone practice, if you want to practice retention as a sustainable lifestyle, it's important that you understand the dynamics of what happens when you stop ejaculating, and how this affects your mind, body, endocrine system, and emotions.

With the information and practices in this course, you can be assured that you are on the right path to getting the highest benefits from semen retention without experiencing unnecessary setbacks. 

*Multi-Orgasmic Man students*
The content in this class is different than what's in M.O.M. and this not included in your course.