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multi-orgasmic goddess: an 8-week journey into your most expansive pleasure through the heart and womb to manifest your dream life.

Tap into your sexual power to amplify your manifestations, bring pleasure into every moment,
experience multiple full-body orgasmsand have an endless supply of 
 energy for the rest of your life

With Results Like These:

“I've been feeling the energy circulating in my body & feeling stuck energy release from my womb.”

"my partner and I separated the day after I started the course and my emotions were scattered. I continued with the course material and I've accepted the breakup, and am feeling grounded."

“I feel so much more calm and have less tension in my body + way more energy. Delighted with this course, thank you!" 

It's No Wonder Graduates Are RAVING About our Unique Approach to harnessing sexual energy!

I get you, because I've been you and I still am you.

From the first time I started getting curious about exploring sexual pleasure to losing my virginity I knew there was something deeply powerful about sex in much more profound ways than what we’re taught in school, movies, TV shows and through most surface level conversations with friends.

The first time I had sex, my longtime crush and friend didn’t believe I was telling the truth about it being my first time because I was “too good".

That was the first time I really felt in my own body the lie that says "it is shameful to be a woman who is confident in and fully expressed in her sexuality".

Through death of a past partner, rape and my deepest intimate connections ending in infidelity every time - eventually, 

 it all wore me down and I allowed my 
intuitively bright sexual light to dull.

My body knew I wouldn’t listen to its many cries for mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and other healing unless it affected my sex life...

So I unconsciously completely burned myself out, draining my adrenals and hormones far below what’s considered average for menopausal women, completely losing my sex drive and any excitement around life in general.

It was an all time low for me.

I felt like something was wrong with me.

It was a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual battle that I constantly felt like I was losing.

It seemed like no matter what I tried, nothing could help and I began to lose hope that I could ever regain what was once my most precious and prized quality; immense pleasure.

For me, it wasn’t just one magical, single experience that allowed me to regain my sex drive, my connection to my inner sex goddess and the ability to surrender into a safe space where I was capable of receiving pleasure again.

It was a culmination of many years and various retreats, committing to various daily practices through trial and error, many online courses, a lot of self forgiveness and acceptance, asking for support from healers of all kinds, allowing myself to open up to sexual healing from my partner, and the biggest one: honing, practicing and cultivating a deep relationship with my own intuition.

The biggest influence along your journey:
Your commitment to you

You're here for you.

For your journey, for your growth, for your divine pleasure, your erotic innocence.

That alone takes immense courage and I honor you for being open to considering expansion on this path.

Your commitment to you is what will make the biggest impact on creating your dream life.

In fact, whether or not you fully commit to yourself is the defining factor.

For me personally, the most influential, pivotal moments I reflect back on are:
– asking leaders I trusted for the help I didn’t realize I needed at the time,
– following my own guidance around asking for hormone tests even though my period was 100% ‘normal’,
– getting off hormonal birth control because I felt like it was destroying me from the inside out,
– deepening my understanding around all areas of holistic health and learning how different foods/products/ingredients affect my unique body.



Multi-Orgasmic Goddess contains decades of wisdom from my own and many others' lived experiences, and you have the power to tie together any loose ends of your healing journey thus far to find your own golden nuggets, seeds of transformation and fully polished gems of wisdom in.

While I don’t believe in claiming that this one program alone will completely heal any and all of your traumas, desires, hopes and dreams (not in integrity at least), I trust that you will be able to take what you need, what makes sense and feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.

Every single thing that resonates with me, may not resonate with you and that is absolutely okay I'm not here to convince you to believe or trust me.

If my story and journey does resonate with you, and you see/feel yourself in pieces of what I’ve shared, trust whichever direction your intuition is pulling you.

I’m here to be a conduit for love through everything and I truly aspire to prioritize love in every area of my life in all moments - including the confronting challenges we all face.

I’m not saying it’s always going to be easy, but damn this work is it worth it.

I also don’t believe this work needs to be extremely difficult and challenging or completely uproot your entire life - unless you want it to (you already know there's a better feeling way though, don't you 😘).

I hold the vision that healing can be beautiful, peaceful, calm and insightful.

I’m not here to heal you, I’m here to help you heal yourself and remind you of the power you hold inside that gorgeous, powerful mind/body/heart/soul of yours.

Are you ready to fully claim your orgasmic power and become the best, most confident, pleasure filled version of yourself in and out of the bedroom?

Imagine if you could use your sexual energy 
as a powerful ally & creative force in your life to manifest your goals and desires…

Imagine how confident you would feel if you knew you could receive the satisfaction, pleasure and abundance you desire (and that the universe + your partner want to give you!) every moment of every day, without limit…


This 8-week program is designed to help you:

  • Experience multiple, fully-body orgasms and become a multi-orgasmic goddess

  • Connect more deeply to your own intuition and intuitive gifts
  • Move through and transmute challenging emotions without slipping into a self-judgment spiral
  • Reconnect to pleasure in every single moment

  • Live a more expanded, enjoyable, fulfilling, vibrant, radiant life

  • Journey back to your most pure, innocent sex goddess nature

  • Build unshakable confidence and belief in yourself and your sexual abilities
  • Increase overall health and energy levels
  • Feel more grounded, embodied, and full of radiant vitality
  • Move through sexual traumas, negative emotions, shame and unhealthy resistance
  • Become more magnetic and attract your ideal partner
  • Increase polarity in your current or future relationship
  • Turn any embarrassment around Low Libido, Painful Sex & Periods, and Inability to Orgasm into understanding and confidence in moving through them
  • Satisfy your partner and yourself on a very deep level physically, spiritually and emotionally creating a profound connection and understanding between you both
  • Have deep confidence in your creative sexual energy which pours into your overall radiance, in and out of the bedroom
  • Charge the brain with orgasmic energy, increasing memory and intelligence making you more magnetically attractive to all that you desire
  • Harness the power of sexual energy for creativity, abundance and success to amplify your self expression, happiness and sense of fulfillment in life
  • Have sex for as long as you desire with ease, confidence and bliss
  • Practice using a jade egg and yoni wand safely to build sexual energy, build a new trusting relationship with your body and magnetize your desires, if you wish

This course is designed to be a step-by-step guide to transform even absolute beginners into a masterful sex goddess. You will learn to open the major energy channels in the body, circulate your sexual energy, and experience a level of orgasmic bliss that many only dream of. You will discover a deeply fulfilling source of pleasure within yourself. You will also learn advanced methods for charging the sex organs and brain with sexual energy, experiencing full body states of energetic ecstasy - in and out of the bedroom. 


your commitment to this work impacts all women, everywhere.

For 7,000+ years women have been told explicitly and implicitly that their power is worthless and to give it away through many iterations of manipulation.

In my eyes, doing this work is the biggest ‘fuck you’ to that energy, empowering each woman who dives in her own full permission slip to take it all back, own it and expand that natural, innocent power out into the world.

Sharing this deeply transformational work isn’t about me - it’s about you, it's about woman as a collective and feminine energy solidifying it’s place back into every day life for all beings.

Cultivating this harmonious healing is just one step closer to a bigger picture of finding and creating expansive harmony with all beings on this planet and in our universe (and whatever else lives out there beyond what we know now!).

Meet your instructors: Mariah White

Holistic Health & Online Business Coach and Sexual Kung Fu teacher


Have you struggled with low libido for seemingly no reason at all?

I did, too. Just like you, I truly wanted to have the desire for more pleasure in all areas of my life - including sex - like I used to.

Self pleasure and exploration had been a natural part of my (nearly) daily life throughout my teen and pre-teen years. It wasn't until I learned to prioritize accomplishments, hard work and recognition over my own internal pleasure /joy/fulfillment compass, that I severed this intuitive connection.

It wasn't until after a few years of noticing this libido dip, that I'd finally had enough and began to look for answers. I learned my adrenals and all hormone levels were completely shot. 😅

I was a health coach for f*cks sake.

I knew better.

I promised myself I wouldn't go down that burnout path.

But once I allowed myself to fully accept where I was, I opened up more space within myself to receive support.

I realized I had a choice.
That I could choose to unlearn the unsupportive beliefs I carried, that I was taught to believe as truth.

I started taking all those books I'd read about pleasure more seriously, reading with a new lens.

I booked myself in to more healers, for more massages, with more naturopaths and functional endocrinologists (if you didn't know this was a thing till just now & someone has said your only option is to go on hormones... search for one in your area, they're literal earth angels!) and took all the supplements.

I began prioritizing making time for my own pleasure practices at least a few times a week, and things started really improving.

To be honest, the biggest struggle was getting out of my head.

Letting myself release the old stories, self doubt, sense of lack within myself.

For me the key was implementing the exact practices teach inside MOG.

When I finally implemented these practices, to consistently get me in a state of receiving pleasure... 🤯
My income skyrocketed.
My relationship got so much juicier.
My friendships got so much more real.
My desire + libido catapulted straight to Venus herself. 💦

Consistently getting yourself into a state of receptivity is one of THE most important things you can do to support your body in healing itself.

💜 Mariah

Johnathan White

Sexual Kung Fu teacher and lifestyle coach

In my 20’s, I found myself feeling very depleted and had very little confidence. Like many men, I was hooked on porn and masturbation as an outlet for my sexual frustration. I felt like my life was going nowhere, I had huge ambitions and dreams but lacked the discipline and energy to pursue them.

Several years ago, I began training in yoga, tantra, qigong, and Taoist sexual practices. After studying with several teachers in all of these traditions, I’ve kept only the practices that are most practical and effective for living in the modern world.

Through this training I learned to not only vastly increase my sexual energy, but also my ability to control and channel it into every aspect of my life. I learned to overcome sexual frustration and inhibitions, and to have marathon lovemaking sessions in the bedroom without spilling any seed. Through these practices I am able to keep myself energized and filled with creative energy while living a busy lifestyle. This has carried over into greatly improving my productivity, career, happiness, health, and relationships.

Growth isn't always linear, so in MOG, we leave room for collaboration with the universe, for quantum results. Here's our structured flow: 

Weeks 1 & 2:

  • Getting clarity around what's sabotaging your life and creating an action plan to remove these habits.
  • Transformational Breathwork:
    get high as f**k using only the breath, go on an inner journey and quickly dissolve negative 
    and blockages
  • Balancing the internal organs and deepening your relationship with your intuition for radiant health, creativity and abundance
  • Sexual Vitality Breathing - increase arousal and boost sexual health with this breath
  • Vibrant Heart Awakening: 
    open, purify and move energy through the heart to overflow into unconditional love, desire and pleasure [FREE BONUS for MOG students, originally $77]

Weeks 3 & 4:

  • Microcosmic Orbit – the pathway for full-body, heart, spirit orgasm
  • Shadow Alchemy Practice to move through negative emotions in healthy ways as they arise
  • Womb Clearing Practice to connect with this sacred space and deepen your capacity to receive in all areas of life
  • Internal Energy Secrets: how to supercharge your practice and tangibly experience energy flowing through the body
  • Qigong warmups to pack the hands with energy
  • Dragon Orbit Qigong practice to powerfully activate your body’s energy
  • Tummo breathing to instantly energize, dissolve stress, and get into peak state
  • Hot Sex Tapping (EFT)

Weeks 5 & 6:

  • Grounding your sexual energy
  • Connecting with the power of the Earth
  • Earth Pulsing qigong to increase sexual vitality
  • Hip Opening Yoga
  • Guided Cervical Ceremony to connect with your deepest creative power, love and bliss creating a deeper sense of safety within the body
  • Zhan Zhuang Power Standing: develop rooting power, focus, and full-body energetic charge
  • Orgasmic Breathing, Sexual Healing and Chakra Cleanse practices to charge the energy meridians and Chakras with sexual energy
  • Pelvic Floor & Jade Egg/Wand practices to naturally deepen your relationship with your womb

Weeks 7 & 8:

  • Tantric Exchange: implement what you're learning with a current or future partner
  • Conscious Communication, keeping an open heart connection with your partner even through challenges
  • Ecstatic Partner Breathing
  • Kissing Workshop to improve your current skills, ignite new ideas and keep this intimate connection fun!
  • Sexual Qigong
  • Manifestation Magic - clear limiting beliefs and learn how to use pleasure to attract your desires
  • + more abundance building surprises!


  • Weekly practice schedules for creating a sustainable daily practice and consistent results
  • Access to a private community for support and connection
  • Potent Journaling Prompts to deepen your understanding of yourself, your patterns and beliefs to guide the intention behind your practices


  • Manifest Your Dream Body - my eBook to create sustainable physical wealth (health)
  • Vibrant Heart Awakening - the breast massage program that changed it all for me
  • Yoga Routine for Sexual Health and Lower Body Flexibility
  • Qigong routine for Grounding
I'm ready to nurture my Multi-Orgasmic Goddess now!

With Multi-Orgasmic Goddess you’re getting INCREDIBLE value:

  • access to 8 transformational digital training modules and all future updates for life ($11,000+ value)
  • Daily practice schedule and guides ($500 value)
  • Private members-only community, off social media ($1,000 value)
  • BONUSQigong routine for grounding ($100 value)
  • BONUS* Vibrant Heart Awakening Program ($77 value)
  • BONUS* Potent Journaling Prompts ($100 value)
  • BONUSYoga Routine for Sexual Health and Lower Body Flexibility ($100 value)

Total Value: $16,877+

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Part of each purchase is donated directly to Operation Underground Railroad, O.U.R. Rescue.

"I have noticed that I am living more out of a place of love rather than being easily triggered by things that would normally trigger me. I am becoming softer and can feel myself starting to embrace my feminine more."

– JP

In CASE There's Anything I Missed, Here are SoME Commonly Asked Questions:

I'm Ready to Reclaim My Multi-Orgasmic Goddess!


This course is for you if:

  • You are willing to face the truth, even if it’s confronting or uncomfortable

  • You’re dedicated to living a life of love instead of fear

  • You want to be the change your family's bloodline needs, even if you don’t know anything about them. (I’m adopted too 🙋🏼‍♀️)

  • You would like to experience more pleasure, joy, play, fun, calm, presence and intention in your life

  • You trust and believe that you’re capable of creating the change and results that you desire

  • You want to experience a heightened sense of mental and emotional clarity

  • You want to have multiple orgasms without worrying about whether you'll be able to 'get there' or not
  • You are ready to be the lover that most dream of
  • You want to experience radiant sexual health and high energy levels
  • You want to feel energized, connected and nourished after sex, not exhausted and disappointed
  • You are ready to take action and make a powerful transformation
  • You want to become radiant, abundant, and magnetic to others

This course is not for you if:

  • If you don’t believe you can heal, you’re right and this course is not for you – yet. If this is where you’re at I encourage you to listen to 101 power thoughts by Louise Hay on YouTube, anything from Esther Hicks or anything else that is fully uplifting for you to help you begin believing in yourself, that is truly the first step.

  • You are lazy

  • You are unwilling to greatly strengthen your willpower and self-discipline
  • You are satisfied with having a limited sexual potential
  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your sexual health and fulfillment
  • You are satisfied with having an “average” sex life
Full Body, Hell Yes – I'm Ready to Embrace My Multi-Orgasmic Goddess!

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