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The average man lasts about 3 minutes after penetrating before ejaculating, but most women take 20-40 minutes to become fully aroused and orgasmic. Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing situation which plagues many men.

After ejaculating, most men feel tiredunmotivated, and unable to continue sexual activity.

This often leaves their partner feeling unsatisfied, and may wear down their relationship over time.

How long do you last?

Did you know that orgasm and ejaculation are actually two different processes that can be separated?

Men can learn to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, and last for as long as they want in the bedroom.

If you’ve struggled to last as long as you and your partner desire in the past, I feel your pain. I’ve been there.

I used to feel like it was a miracle if I lasted longer than 10 minutes. I tried a lot of other methods that I found on the internet and in books, but nothing gave me the results I was hoping for. If you’re ready to learn the methods that led to my breakthrough, this course is perfect for you!


Get the exact blueprint I created to unlock unlimited sexual stamina and experience pleasurable orgasms without the fatigue following ejaculation. 



Does your sex drive control you?


Sexual energy is the most powerful force available for you to use. However, most men unconsciously toss this power away and live in a constant state of depletion. Is this you? Are you addicted to pornography and lacking the willpower and discipline to improve yourself? I’ve been there... my sexual impulses used to drive me to masturbate to porn every single day, depleting my energy and leaving me in a state of apathy - I was getting nowhere in life. Until I learned what you're going to learn in this course; that's when my life transformed. I learned to control my sex drive and put it to use attracting an amazing partner, growing my career, bringing in money, and maintaining radiant health and energy levels.

Through this course you will learn simple and powerful methods to take control of your sexual energy, build the willpower and discipline to practice semen retention and see all areas of your life improve as you harness the enormous potential of your sexual energy. IMAGINE having all the energy you need to get clarity in your life, and perform at optimum levels at the office, at the gym, in the bedroom, and out in the world. Imagine how confident you will be when you KNOW you have complete control over your sexual performance and can f**k like a king for hours.

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself in and out of the bedroom?

"This course is unlike anything else."

Through Multi-Orgasmic Man you will be able to:

  • Have sex for as long as you want, so you can achieve levels of bliss and full-body orgasm that most men only dream of.
  • Overcome Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction, so that you don't have to worry if you're going to please your partner. No more performance anxiety!
  • Have deep confidence in your sexual abilities, which means you'll become confident in all other areas of your life. Imagine going out into the world after a 3-hour multi-orgasmic sex session... you'll be radiating confidence and magnetism!
  • Charge the brain with orgasmic energy, increasing memory and intelligence, and keeping yourself in a peak state of flow 24/7... basically you'll know how to sustain a natural high with no side effects!
  • Harness the power of sexual energy for creativity, abundance and success. Once you learn how to channel your sexual energy into your life, the sky is the limit for what you choose to manifest in your life!
  • Practice semen retention safely as a lifestyle, if you desire - meaning you be able to sustain all the amazing benefits of semen retention without having to live like a monk. You can still have all the amazing sex you want without the recovery period following ejaculation!


Imagine how confident you would feel if you knew you could give your partner the satisfaction and pleasure they desire for hours…

Imagine if you could use your sexual energy as a powerful creative force in your life to manifest your goals and desires…


This 6-week course is designed to help you:

  • Control ejaculation
  • Build sexual power
  • Build unshakeable confidence in yourself and your sexual abilities
  • Increase overall health and energy levels
  • Become a multi-orgasmic man
  • Clear negative emotions and traumas
  • Feel more grounded, embodied, and full of radiant vitality
  • Overcome sexual issues such premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Free yourself from sexual frustration
  • Harness your sexual energy to transform your life
  • Become more desirable and attract your ideal partner

This course is designed to be a step-by-step guide to transform even absolute beginners into masterful lovers. You will learn to open the major energy channels in the body and circulate your sexual energy, experiencing a level of orgasmic bliss that most people only dream of. You will discover a deeply fulfilling source of pleasure within yourself. You will also learn advanced methods for charging the glands and brain with sexual energy, experiencing full body states of energetic ecstasy. 


Here's what Jonas had to say...

Jonas, Switzerland


In Ejaculation Control

Have you ever heard that Kegels are the cure for premature ejaculation? I'm sure you have. That was one of the first methods I learned. Most of the methods you'll see other people teaching to control ejaculation and have non-ejaculatory orgasms involve squeezing the pelvic floor. The problem is that excessive kegels without the proper counter-exercise (which I teach in Multi-Orgasmic Man) leads to hypertension in the pelvic floor. This can actually make premature ejaculation WORSE. 

Notice that during sexual stimulation, you will likely have involuntary contractions in the PC muscle when the penis is stimulated. This often pushes you closer to the point of ejaculation. When you can keep the pelvic floor completely relaxed during stimulation, you will never hit the point of ejaculation, and you can experience INCREDIBLE levels of pleasure without ejaculatingI'll teach you simple, but powerful methods to train the pelvic floor to stay relaxed even during intense sexual stimulation.

There is a time and place for PC muscle clenching, and in the course I teach you exactly how to train for maximum pelvic floor strength and relaxation, so that your body can handle an extremely high charge of sexual energy without ejaculating.

Results from Men Just Like You

Over 700 men from around the world have joined Multi-Orgasmic Man and experienced transformation in their life. Here's what they had to say:

"It has been a pleasure working with Johnathan. Before the course I was looking at how to infuse the spiritual unfolding within me into practical ways of getting in tune with my body and mind. I wanted to learn how to effectively channel sexual energy so as to create balance and harmony within body, mind and spirit. Before meeting Johnathan I knew little about any of the meditative practices and was mystified by the vast plethora of different practices and techniques. Fortunately, Johnathan demystified a complex subject and introduced practices that have evolved over thousands of years into a series of simple practical steps and routines which are easy to grasp and follow and can be applied as part of a daily routine in a busy work schedule. Accessible, patient and reassuring in his support, Johnathan genuinely cares about the well-being of those he supports and creates a safe environment in which to learn and experience. I still count myself as a novice with the practices but what I am learning and experiencing is nothing short of transformational. I would strongly recommend Johnathan to anyone."
- Sean, UK

“No matter your age, body type, experience, or belief system, you will benefit from Johnathan White's Multi Orgasmic Male sexual energy / sexual kung fu course. People want their man to be confident and anchored. Johnathan's techniques, which have been distilled from ancient wisdom; cultivate confidence, stamina, and male sexual respect. Respect for one's partner and respect for oneself. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to transmute their life force to a higher and more satisfying level.”
- Ross, USA

“Johnathan’s Multi Orgasmic Man course has given me so many tools to not only improve my sex life, but my health and happiness as well. Learning the Qi Gong and breath exercises in the course have helped me to become more present, grounded and balanced. I find when I practice this work I have more patience and my energy level increases. I’m still practicing and it takes commitment but I have already noticed improvements and my partner has too. Being able to last as long in bed as I want is certainly not the least of them! Johnathan was very attentive to all the participants questions and his follow through was excellent. He has so much knowledge and is excited to share it. If you want to improve your sex life and your health in general, take this course!”
- Greg, USA

Meet your instructor: Johnathan White

Sexual Kung Fu teacher and lifestyle coach

In my 20’s, I found myself feeling very depleted and had very little confidence. Like many men, I was hooked on porn and masturbation as an outlet for my sexual frustration. I felt like my life was going nowhere, I had huge ambitions and dreams but lacked the discipline and energy to pursue them.

Several years ago, I began training in yoga, tantra, qigong, and Taoist sexual practices. After studying with several teachers in all of these traditions, I’ve kept only the practices that are most practical and effective for living in the modern world.

Through this training I learned to not only vastly increase my sexual energy, but also my ability to control and channel it into every aspect of my life. I learned to overcome sexual frustration and inhibitions, and to have marathon lovemaking sessions in the bedroom without ejaculating. Through these practices I am able to keep myself energized and filled with creative energy while living a busy lifestyle. This has carried over into greatly improving my productivity, career, happiness, health, and relationships.

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In 2017 I became a certified Healing Tao Instructor under Michael Winn, Taoist lineage holder and co-author
of several of Mantak Chia's books, including
"Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy". 

Sexual energy is incredibly powerful, it is very important to learn sexual cultivation from an experienced teacher who understands the necessary safety precautions. By joining my course, you will have the exact blueprint and practice schedule you need to safely and skillfully master the art of Sexual Kung Fu. These practices have brought me tremendous success
both in the bedroom and out in the world, and I have
taught them to thousands of men worldwide.


This course is for you if:

  • You want to experience a heightened sense of mental and emotional clarity
  • You want to have multiple orgasms without the recovery period following ejaculation
  • You are ready to be the lover most women dream of
  • You want to experience radiant sexual health and high energy levels
  • You want to feel energized and nourished after sex, not exhausted
  • You are ready to take action and make a powerful transformation
  • You want to become radiant, abundant, and magnetic to others

This course is not for you if:

  • You are lazy
  • You are unwilling to greatly strengthen your willpower and self-discipline
  • You are satisfied with having a limited sexual potential
  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your sexual health and fulfillment
  • You are satisfied with having an “average” sex life

2020 Student Testimonials

Course Contents 

Week 1:

  • Getting clarity around what's sabotaging your life and creating an action plan to remove these habits.
  • Beating Porn Addiction
  • Transformational Breathwork: get high as f**k using only the breath, go on an inner journey and dissolve negative patterns and blockages
  • How to clear negative emotions as they arise
  • Balancing the internal organs for radiant health
  • Sexual Vitality Breathing - control arousal and boost sexual health with this breath
  • Basic ejaculation control

Week 2:

  • Microcosmic Orbit – the pathway for full-body orgasm
  • Secret Wudang Mountain Microcosmic Orbit Activation method
  • Internal Energy Secrets: how to supercharge your practice and tangibly experience energy flowing through the body
  • Qigong warmups to pack the hands with energy
  • Dragon Orbit Qigong practice to powerfully activate your body’s energy
  • Tummo breathing to instantly energize, dissolve stress, and get into peak state

Week 3:

  • Grounding your sexual energy
  • Connecting with the power of the Earth
  • Earth Pulsing qigong to increase sexual vitality
  • How grounding increases sexual potency and helps control ejaculation
  • Zhan Zhuang Power Standing: develop rooting power, focus, and full-body energetic charge

Week 4:

  • Orgasmic Breathing
  • Sexual Qigong
  • How to do Kegels properly: create a STRONG and RELAXED pelvic floor to contain high levels of arousal
  • Charging the energy meridians and Chakras with sexual energy
  • Semen Retention Lifestyle

Week 5:

  • How to keep the pelvic floor relaxed for complete ejaculatory control
  • Arousal control mastery
  • Advanced Power Lock for full-body orgasm
  • Yin Power Lock
  • The finger lock dry orgasm technique for instant non-ejaculatory orgasm
  • How to channel your sexual energy into magnetizing your ideal life
  • How to avoid overheating and release excess energy

Week 6:

  • Immortal Breath – Activating the glands with orgasmic energy
  • Discharging sexual energy from the genitals to avoid ejaculation
  • Charging the entire body with aroused sexual energy
  • Partner application: F*ck like a King
  • Exchanging Sexual Energy
  • Tantric Connection and Sexual Healing


  • Weekly practice schedules for creating a sustainable daily practice and consistent results
  • Access to private Facebook group for support and connection
  • Group video calls with Johnathan to answer questions


  • Sexual reflexology massage to increase hormone levels
  • Natural Penis enlargement exercises
  • Yoga Routine for Sexual Health and Lower Body Flexibility
  • Qigong routine for Sexual Vitality

More Results from Men Just like You

With Multi-Orgasmic Man you’re getting INCREDIBLE value:

  • access to 6 transformational digital training modules for life ($7,000)
  • Daily practice schedule and guides ($500)
  • Exclusive members-only Facebook group ($1,000)
  • Exclusive members-only Slack Support group ($1,000)
  • BONUS * Qigong routine for sexual vitality ($100)
  • BONUS * Natural penis enlargement exercises ($100)
  • BONUS * Sexual reflexology massage for harder erections ($100)
  • BONUS * Yoga Routine for Sexual Health and Lower Body Flexibility ($100)
  • BONUS * Orgasmic Expansion Secret Module # 7 ($1000)

Total Value: $10,900+
Special Offer: $1,490 $650 USD

Registration closes 9pm MDT, January 7th 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions and Common Hesitations

I’m currently single, is this course suitable for me?

This course is absolutely suitable for those who are single. You will learn to use masturbation as a way to nourish yourself without being drained, and to cure sexual frustration. You will also gain the magnetism that cultivating sexual energy creates to help attract a partner and be much more confident in yourself.

I’m very busy, I’m worried that I don’t have time for the course.

Don’t worry. I’ve designed this course to work with the modern man’s busy lifestyle, and each week your daily practices will be about 30 minutes per day.  Each week’s module is about 1.5 to 2 hours. You prioritize things that are important to you. If becoming a multi-orgasmic man is important to you and you are ready to transform, you will find the time to commit to your personal growth.

Will this program help me increase my penis length?

Yes, one of the bonuses included is a guide for natural penis enlargement. These exercises have been shown to increase penis size, if practiced regularly. I've personally added about an inch in length by using the techniques I'll be teaching you in the course.

When does the course start?

This course starts on January 7th, 2021 with group calls starting January 12th, 2021.

When are the group calls?

Tuesday's at 2pm MDT, USA (1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, Wednesday's 9pm UK, 2:30am IST, 7am AEST) 
Week 1: January 12
Week 2: January 19
Week 3: January 26
Week 4: February 2
Week 5: February 9
Week 6: February 16

What do I get in the course?

Each week you will have access to a new module, which will contain 45-90 minutes of video training and a training schedule for that week. You will also receive access to a private Facebook group as well as slack channel for support, and recorded Q&A videos from the most recent rounds of Multi-Orgasmic Man. Those who upgrade to VIP will also receive information to join weekly live video calls with Johnathan to answer your specific questions as well as the recordings on these calls.You will ALSO receive the bonus videos at the end of the course.

You talk about “energy” and “sexual energy” a lot. I have no experience in yoga, qigong, or energetic practices. Will this course be too advanced for me?

This course is suitable for both absolute beginners with no previous training, as well as experienced practitioners who want to explore sexual energy in depth. I explain everything in detail, from the very basic foundations to the highly advanced techniques. By following this course you will be able to advance very quickly.

I’m very busy, what if I don’t have time to go through the course right now or miss a live call?

No problem, you can go through the course on your own time frame. I will be recording the live group videos so that anyone who misses the call can watch them later. If you have any questions you want addressed, you can email them to me and I will answer them in the recorded calls. Additionally everyone has access to the FB group and Slack where I can give you personalized support + feedback as well.

How long do I have access to the course for?

After purchasing the course you will have lifetime access to the modules and the live Q&A recordings, there is a LOT of information in this course so you will be to review it again and again.

Are there payment plans available?

There are 3-month and 7-month payment plans available to ensure this course is accessible to everyone in this strange time.

I’m gay, is this course suitable for me?

Absolutely! The practices in this course are applicable to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. Several gay men have learned these practices and applied them to their lives and relationships with great success.

Do you give refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this course, and the low price offered, no refunds will be offered for this course. I believe in my work and I am VERY confident in the effectiveness of this course. If you follow the practices and do the work, you WILL see the results. NO ONE has ever been disappointed by joining this course.

Can you guarantee results?

The effort you put into your training will produce your results. If you do the work, commit yourself 100% and follow the course step-by-step, you WILL experience great transformations in all areas of your life. This is your own unique process, and as such your success is your own responsibility and I've ensured you have everything you could possibly need to make this work.

Will this course help me make semen retention a lifestyle?

Absolutely. A lot of guys go into semen retention by repressing their sex drive, and have no knowledge of how to circulate and transmute the sexual energy. This causes the sexual energy  to congest and leads to stagnant energy, manifesting in anger, irritability, insomnia, and a feeling of being “stuck”. And the blue balls…You will learn all of the necessary methods to release negative emotions and excess energy, and create a safe pathway to circulate the powerful sexual energy that is building up. You will learn how to use self-pleasure as a tool to cultivate orgasmic states without the depletion that constant ejaculation causes. By taking this course, you will learn extremely powerful practices that will help you to transform all aspects of your life and supercharge yourself with sexual energy.

Why should I purchase the course instead of finding a book with this information?

It is very difficult to learn these practices from a book. I spent two years trying to learn these techniques from books and was very unimpressed by the results. After spending years training with various teachers, I’ve taken the most effective and simple techniques I learned and combined them to create this course. The biggest breakthrough I had was that there are certain foundational practices that make sexual mastery 100 times easier to master, and these are included in the course. You will save yourself YEARS of slow progress by taking this course, and you will have an experienced instructor to answer any questions you may have along the way.

How is this course different from all the other courses/books on multiple male orgasms?

Most trainings for male non-ejaculatory orgasms will tell you that you that all you have to do is strengthen your pelvic floor muscles so that you can stop the stream of semen at the point of ejaculation by squeezing these muscles and have a dry orgasm. Unfortunately this method is s**t, It doesn’t work very well. at best you’ll have a weak genital-centered orgasm while you are extremely tense, but most likely you’ll have a retrograde ejaculation where fluid moves into the bladder and is urinated out. This is NOT what this course teaches. Squeezing the life out of your pelvic floor muscle can actually make premature ejaculation WORSE, scroll down the page for more info on that.

You will learn how to completely rewire your body and nervous system through POWERFUL Qigong, breathwork, and meditation practices which come from Taoist, Tantric, and Yogic traditions, allowing you to change your experience of orgasm and recondition your sexual response. Each movement and sensation during sex can become a subtle orgasm that ripples through your body.

Most courses I’ve seen teaching similar subject matter (I’ve taken a lot) neglect the important foundations of clearing the energetic and somatic patterns of the body - which we’ve spent our entire lifetime creating - so that new patterns can be made.  Trying to learn new patterns on top of your engrained habits is like trying to pour water into a full cup. You just don’t have the space to do it, and that’s why so many guys think it’s hard to change their orgasmic response. It’s really not actually hard to do this, most guys trying to learn this just tend to overlook the fundamentals and jump into the advanced work and that’s why they don’t progress. And it’s not their fault, that’s how most 'experts' attempt to teach this type of work. This is why Multi-Orgasmic Man is the blueprint for your success, you’ll learn a foolproof progressive system that myself and hundreds of my students have used to achieve sexual mastery, and full-body orgasm.

I really want to take this course, but I don’t want to spend the money

If you think the course costs too much, I highly recommend evaluating what becoming the greatest and most empowered version of yourself is worth to you. this course contains very powerful transformational and potentially life-changing work, and addresses many issues that most men have struggled with for centuries. Your investment is an energetic commitment to transforming yourself.

How much is it costing you…

  • To be a slave to your sexual impulses?
  • To be unfulfilled?
  • To be constantly throwing your sexual energy down the drain?
  • To lack clarity, energy, and motivation in your life?
  • In your relationships to lack ejaculation control?
  • To lack the knowledge to channel your sexual energy into all aspects of your life?

"The practices in this course are better than drugs"


In the first week you’ll learn an incredibly powerful breathing practice that’s going to put you into an elevated “journey” state that easily compares with some of the most potent mind-altering substances you can find. Course graduates are always telling me that this practice is better than any drugs... and I agree. One of the reasons men get so hooked on porn and substances is that they provide you with an instant ‘feel-good’ state, but unfortunately these things have negative side effects. You’ll learn practices in the course to get super high naturally using your breath, energetic movements, sexual energy, and connecting to the Chi field.

Enrollment for Multi-Orgasmic Man is currently closed.

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Josh's Experience

"Literally every area of my life has changed."


"I know this course sounds too good to be true. Trust me, it’s not. I’ve personally invested over 10 years and more than $30,000 to learn these practices. I only teach what I know will work for you, based on my personal experience, and experience with my students. You will be saving yourself a TREMENDOUS amount of time and money by taking this course, at the low price I’ve set and the level of transformation you can achieve through it, Multi-Orgasmic man is an absolute STEAL. I want you to become the best ‘you’, in and out of the bedroom."

- Johnathan White

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