Unlock Your Sexual Power & Evolve Into Sexual Mastery

A 12-month program to master your sexual energy & transform into the embodied masculine sex god and leader you are meant to be!










Inside the Sex God Program

Consciously connect to your sexual energy, develop unlimited sexual stamina, create amazing intimacy and connection in your relationships, learn to have non-ejaclatory orgasms, release your behavioral constrictions and become unstoppably driven in your life’s mission.

Gone are the days of struggling with sexual shame, negative self-talk and performance anxiety. 

It’s time to tap into the energy of the radiant, multi-orgasmic sex god you are meant to be!


Go Beyond Semen Retention

Want to improve your performance and last longer in the bedroom, while deeply enhancing your experience of pleasure and intimate connection with your partner?

There are 6 essential foundations every man needs to implement to create a lasting impact on your performance in and out of the bedroom.

By implementing these foundations and embodying your own sexual energy, you can last longer, have multiple, non-ejaculatory orgasms, and feel deep, earth-shattering pleasure with your partner. 

Did you know?

  • The average man lasts about 4 minutes from penetration to ejaculation, but most women take 20-40 minutes to become fully aroused and orgasmic.
  • Premature ejaculation is unnecessary and any man can overcome it.
  • After ejaculating, most men feel tired, unmotivated, and unable to continue sexual activity. This leaves their partner feeling unsatisfied, and may wear on their relationship over time.
  • Having regular non-ejaculatory sex or self pleasure is the key to massively improving sexual vitality, creativity, and energy levels.
  • Most men have been programmed to be overly “nice” people pleasers - which neutralizes their polarity with women and causes their sex lives to dry up.
  • Men can learn to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, and last as long as they want in the bedroom.

What others have to say





What others have to say

















If you’re struggling to last as long as your partner during sex,


I’ve been there - I used to feel like it was a miracle if I lasted longer than 5 minutes.

I tried method after method, but nothing gave me the results I was hoping for - a way to increase my sexual stamina, reach multiple orgasmic climaxes, and enjoy sex with my partner - and stop making myself smaller around others - letting go of shyness and people pleasing patterns. 

After tons of research and trial and error, I discovered the breakthrough that helped me master my sexual energy and become the powerful sex god and masculine leader and protector I am meant to be.


Consciously Directing Your Sex Drive and Unlocking Your Primal Masculine Power

Your masculine sexual energy is the most powerful force available for you to use as a man. However, most men unconsciously toss this power away and live in a constant state of depletion.

Sound familiar?

Are you addicted to pornography and lacking the willpower and discipline to improve yourself and your sexual stamina? 

Do you feel like you have to pretend to be someone else to please your partner and friends, and can’t simply be your true, spontaneous self?

I've been there

My sexual impulses used to drive me to masturbate to porn every single day, depleting my sexual energy and leaving me in a state of apathy and guilt. 

I felt ashamed that I couldn’t last longer and be more engaged with my partner during sex and I was getting nowhere in life.

I was afraid to lead my woman and boldly act out my deep sexual desires, out of fear of embarrassment or being shamed.

But then I realized

that I had been conditioned to be a “nice guy”, trying to always act nice and unconsciously use passive aggressive manipulation to try to get what I wanted – and this pattern actually prevented me from ever experiencing fulfilling sex or relationships. 

I learned the methods I’m going to teach you in this course,


I learned to control my sex drive and put it to use attracting an amazing partner, growing my career, bringing in money, traveling the world and maintaining radiant health and energy levels. 

I learned to overcome my people-pleasing habits, so I could speak my mind, live my truth, and create exactly the relationship and sex life I desired.

And now, I’m going to teach you these exact methods so YOU can tap into your radiant energy and become a powerful sex god too!

You’ll learn simple and powerful methods to take control of your sex drive, build the willpower and discipline to practice semen retention, unleash your bold masculine nature, and see all areas of your life improve as you harness the vast potential of your sexual energy. 

Just imagine

Having all the energy you need to get clarity in your life and perform at optimum levels at the office, at the gym, in the bedroom, and out in the world. 

Having the confidence to pursue your dreams, creating the life that you want - rather than living the life the others expect you to have.

Imagine having the boldness to set the boundaries in your relationships, career, and to create unlimited sexual passion and amazing sex - even in long term committed relationships.

Imagine how confident you will feel when you KNOW you have complete control over your sex drive and can f**k like a king for hours.

The best version of yourself starts here. Introducing…

A 12-month program to own your sexual power and evolve into sexual mastery. 

This powerful program is for the serious, adept, full-time practitioner who desires…

  • A strong daily practice. 
  • Spiritual evolution. 
  • Mental and emotional mastery. 
  • Energy cultivation. 
  • Unstoppable willpower and discipline
  • More fulfilling sex and multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms.
  • A harmonious relationship - with yourself and others. 
  • Sustained attraction and intense sexual passion, even in long-term relationships. 

Are you ready to go beyond the basics and casual practices you’ve applied in your search for sexual mastery?

Maybe you’ve dabbled in yoga and bro-spirituality, but haven’t had a truly in-depth, long-lasting transformation yet when it comes to mastering your sexual energy. 

Maybe you’ve had a few non-ejaculatory orgasms, but nothing consistent enough to transform your sexual performance. 

Maybe you’ve been on this journey for a while with little to no success. 

It’s time to unlock sexual stamina and pleasure… today!


Sex God Course Practices

Inside of this 12-month course, we’ll dive into powerful practices to help you own your sexual power & evolve into sexual mastery.

Sex God Mindset

Learn to clear your old stories from your mind and body - clearing negative emotions, letting go of personality restrictions, and become comfortable freely expressing yourself boldly around others. Overcome people-pleasing habits, get clear on your life’s mission, and gain the confidence to become the man you want to be. Learn to stay calm and grounded in your masculine presence even in challenging situations.

Self Pleasure Practice

Let go of dysfunctional impulsive stress-based arousal response and compulsive masturbation. Learn to create a new, expanded sexual container of holding massive arousal and pleasure in your body. Learn ways to reconnect to and build powerful sexual desire for yourself. Create self-love and deeply embodied pleasure, and learn to experience non-ejaculatory orgasms – consistently.

Energy Cultivation

Get high naturally, 24/7 with an energetic-based practice. Learn powerful methods of cultivating internal energy - learn to open the energy channels to maximize energy levels and vitality. Fall in love with a daily practice that will charge you up, deepen your focus and presence, and develop your discipline to accomplish everything you set your mind to. 

Sexual Practices

Learn how to f*ck like a God in any sex position. Learn the specific dynamics of ejaculation control in different sex positions, for use with or without a partner. Learn to create and store a powerful charge of sexual energy in the body, by circulating sexual energy to experience full-body states of orgasm, over and over, without ejaculating. Learn to touch and pleasure her erogenous zones and give her powerful, internal orgasms that will keep her coming back for more. Make sex the dance of ecstasy it was meant to be.

Polarity Practices

Learn how to create powerful desire in your partner by holding a strong, masculine presence. Activate your voice and primal masculine power to create the sex life you desire and stop falling into the “nice guy” trap of sexless, passionless relationship patterns. 


experience better sex and manifest more success in all areas of life.

All while connecting back to your masculine confidence, power, and polarity and giving your partner the pleasure and orgasms they desire - for hours…

This 12-month program is designed to help you:

  • Build presence and masculinity. 
  • Step into leadership in your relationships and daily life

  • Overcome constrictions in the pelvic floor and train your body to hold intense levels of pleasure without ejaculating.

  • Transition from a stress response to arousal (PE) to a relaxation response (Sex God Stamina)
  • Connect with your masculine confidence, pleasure, power, and polarity. 
  • Achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms.
  • Pleasure a woman in all the right ways. 
  • Give her deep vaginal orgasms. 
  • Achieve good erections and increased sexual health.
  • Build unshakable confidence in yourself and your sexual abilities.
  • Become a multi-orgasmic sex god. 
  • Clear negative emotions and self-doubt.
  • Feel more grounded, embodied, and full of radiant vitality.
  • Free yourself from sexual frustration.
  • Harness your sexual energy to transform your life.
  • Become a bold, confident, masculine man that women can’t resist.
  • Learn to be more spontaneous, bold, and direct with others.

The Sex God course is designed to be a step-by-step guide to transform even absolute beginners into masterful lovers and multi-orgasmic sex gods. 

You will learn to open the major energy channels in the body, circulate your sexual energy, and experience a level of orgasmic bliss that most people only dream of - time and time again, without premature-ejaculation. 

You’ll discover a deeply fulfilling source of pleasure, power, and sexual pride within yourself, all so you can experience full body states of energetic ecstasy. 

Meet Your Instructor: Johnathan White


In my 20’s, I found myself feeling very depleted and had very little confidence. Like many men, I was hooked on porn and masturbation as an outlet for my sexual frustration. I felt like my life was going nowhere. I had huge ambitions and dreams, but lacked the discipline and energy to pursue them.

Over a decade ago, I began training in yoga, tantra, qigong, and Taoist sexual practices. After studying with several teachers in all of these traditions, I’ve kept only the practices that are most practical and effective for living in the modern world.

Through this training I learned to not only vastly increase my sexual energy, but also my ability to control and channel it into every aspect of my life. I learned to overcome sexual frustration and inhibitions, and to have marathon lovemaking sessions without ejaculating. 

Through these practices I am able to keep myself energized and filled with creative energy while living a busy lifestyle. This has carried over into greatly improving my productivity, career, happiness, health, and relationships.

In 2017 I became a Certified Healing Tao Instructor 

under Michael Winn, Taoist lineage holder and co-author of several of Mantak Chia's books, including "Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy." Since then, I've studied with many other teachers from around the world to deepen my understanding and have pioneered my own practices and techniques which I now teach in this course. You won't find most of these practices anywhere else!

Sexual energy is incredibly powerful. It is very important to learn sexual cultivation from an experienced teacher who understands the necessary safety precautions. By joining my course, you will have the exact blueprint and practice schedule you need to safely and skillfully master the art of Sexual Kung Fu. These practices have brought me tremendous success both in the bedroom and out in the world, and I have taught them to thousands of men worldwide.

In fact, over 1,300 men from around the world have started this journey and experienced a life-changing transformation - both in life, career, and sex. Here’s what they have to say about my programs: 

Over 1,600 men from around the world have started this journey and experienced a life-changing transformation. Here's what they had to say about Multi-Orgasmic Man:

"I can’t articulate the degree of healing that came about…. That transformational breathing was like feeling the presence of God. No wonder you love what you have devoted yourself to learn and teach. It’s nothing less than transformative….Thank you."


"I’m a reiki master, I’ve done a lot of different kinds of energy work, but I’ve never practiced as consistently as I am now with this course. I can feel the energy more than ever. I can feel my microcosmic orbit more than ever. I can feel my lower dantean more than ever. I’m more grounded than ever and I’m changing my life in the physical too. Addressing long help patterns of addiction and dependency, moving forward in my career in new ways, and strengthening my body, mind, and field like never before."

"The past few years have really been tough dealing with erection issues, urinary issues and not being able to last as long as I used to. My whole mindset around sex was screwed up. Since following your video daily for the past two weeks I have seen a dramatic difference in my erections, staying power and my whole mood and total sexual experience. My wife and I have been having very deep and connected sex and I feel like my confidence and passion is back."










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