Dangers of Semen Retention

microcosmic orbit semen retention sexual kung fu Aug 12, 2020

People often ask me if there's any dangers to practicing semen retention and there are some potential negative side effects.


Semen retention isn't just an easy fix-all  for everyone. There's some certain dynamics that happen when you start to retain your sexual essence that you really need to be aware of so you don't amplify negativity in your life.  It's important to understand that when you're practicing semen retention, you're simply building up sexual energy, you're simply ‘adding more fuel to the gas tank’. This isn't inherently good or bad, you just have more energy to express yourself in whatever way that you. It’s the equivalent of giving someone a million dollars. Does that suddenly make them a good person, or fix everything for them? Definitely not! Some people are going to do amazing things with that money, some people are going to improve themselves, improve their community, and change the world. Some people are going to do horrendous acts with it. It's the same thing with semen retention. It makes you more of who you are, so if you're not doing the work to improve and cultivate yourself to find harmony and balance, you start throwing gasoline on the and you're likely going to run into some problems 


The path of Sexual Kung Fu is a path of heightened evolution of accelerated growth and empowerment. It's really about becoming a master of your internal world so that you can master the external world as well. If you're not doing the inner work when you're practicing retention, you can really start to amplify imbalances within yourself. A single sperm grows into an entire human body multiplying trillions of times.That is the power that you're generating within yourself, and if you're not conscious of what is going on within your body and mind, as well as in your life, then you're just throwing this amplifying sexual energy on top of it. I've seen it in many people... they start to amplify these negative aspects within their lives, start to amplify their anger, start to amplify disharmony in their relationships because they're not doing the underlying work to resolve these issues. You have to be careful, semen retention isn't for everyone. If you're not going to do the inner work to balance yourself then you should not be practicing semen retention.


 It's like when Luke goes to Dagobah to learn the force and Yoda says ‘I've been watching this guy for a while and you know, he's very reckless, he's very dangerous, his father did some questionable things...I don't know if I should train this guy.’ Here in the modern world, all the information, all this ancient esoteric information is available to us and there's no filter, so it's up to us to make sure that we are balanced, in harmony, and doing something for the highest good of ourselves and for our community.


  I see a lot of egos in the semen retention community. It's it's easy to do this just because you want to attract women, or to make more money, to be a really cool guy who everyone wants to be with... but what do these things really matter when you're at the end of your life? When you're laying on your death bed none of these things are going to matter. They're all going to dissolve so what have you actually accomplished?

Semen retention really means is cultivating this energy, transforming it into a spiritual energy, transforming into kindness, generosity, growth, and abundance to make the world a better place than it was before you got here.


One of the major issues that men run into when they're practicing semen retention is stuck energy. Stagnant energy. As you build up this huge reservoir of sexual energy, if you're not doing internal practices to circulate it, it's going to get stuck. It's going to create blockages in your body, blockages in your psyche and the way that you express yourself. The most common way this manifests is premature ejaculation because your balls are a loaded gun ready to go off it the slightest touch. Also common, are feelings of frustration and irritability, often sexual frustration, excessive horniness, becoming a bit of a sexual predator type, just being a very angry and irritable person. Every day my inboxes are flooded with messages from guys saying ‘I feel so angry and irritable when i'm practicing semen retention’.  I always tell them this means that their energy is stuck. They’re not moving that energy, they’re not transforming it. It doesn't do you very much good just sitting stuck in your balls.  You need to move that energy throughout your body through internal exercises. Now when i say internal exercises, I'm not saying going to the gym and working out. That's going to help you keep things moving and burn off excessive energy, but you need more than that. You need internal energy cultivation practices, you need to be able to consciously work with the energy channels of the body so that you can guide the sexual energy out of the genitals, move it around the body, and refine it, changing the shape of it. 

As the sexual energy moves it transforms into more usable energy. If you're going to practice semen retention, again, it's essential that you keep this sexual energy moving throughout your body or else it's going to get stuck, you're going to have blockages, you're going to amplify unconscious patterns. Sometimes it gets stuck in the wrong part of the body and you amplify unconscious negative patterns. You just become a very angry person you don't enjoy life anymore. You just feel stuck and it's really not

fun to do semen retention if you're experiencing these things. It's just really not enjoyable and you'd be better off having an ejaculation here and there to balance yourself out. This is why if you're practicing semen retention you need to keep that energy moving.


The biggest danger of semen retention is allowing your energy to get stuck and become an angry, irritable, and really unpleasant person all around. You need to have a purpose with this energy, you need to have something you're channeling that sexual energy into, and you need to be doing your meditation, doing your internal energy practice, circulating that energy throughout your body. 


You're probably wondering how to do this. Check out my microcosmic orbit meditation on my YouTube channel. That’s the number one starting point for practicing semen retention. Once you get that down, you can try the testicle breathing practice. I have videos on both of these on my channel. These are practices to circulate the sexual energy throughout the body.


 I also practice qigong every day. Qigong is an absolutely amazing practice that opens up the energy channels of the body, keeps your chi moving and circulating. This is a fantastic practice if you're doing sement retention. 


 You really have to ask yourself why you are practicing semen retention. Is it because I want to be able to tell people you went 100 days without ejaculating? You’re a badass?  Is it because you want women to be throwing themselves at you? Or is it because you want to be a better person?  To  become the best version of yourself?  


 I didn't get into seeing retention because I just wanted to tell people I went long periods of time without ejaculating or have women throw themselves at me. I got into semen retention because I was studying Daoist internal practices. I was studying qigong internal energy exercises. I was studying meditation and spirituality and I discovered that by constantly ejaculating I was depleting myself of energy. It became effortless for me to naturally start going longer and longer periods of time without ejaculating because the energy was moving. I never experienced these negative effects such as the flat line people talk about, feelings of anger frustration, stagnance.  I didn't experience these things because I was able to keep my chi moving because I had internal practices at the same time.  


I highly encourage you if you're practicing semen retention then have an internal energy practice. It's a must and I guarantee you it will make this an effortless sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle for you.

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