Semen Retention Benefits After 30 Days

When you retain your semen for 30 days, which means you go 30 days without ejaculating, there are some very significant changes that happen. Things that I have personally experienced myself, and that many other men are reporting as well. As men, we’re conditioned to believe that it’s normal and healthy for us to ejaculate frequently, every day. And this is because of porn conditioning. We are so sexually overstimulated that we feel like we have to release our sexual energy every single day. I was in this pattern personally as a teenager, from about thirteen to my early twenties. When I was about 22 or 23, I started to realize how much masturbating to porn every day was affecting my life. It was depleting my energy, it was depleting my vitality. I had no focus, no confidence, no motivation in life. I was drying up in my early 20’s. 


I always felt that sexual energy was very special in some way. I knew that there was some way to integrate sexuality into...

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