#1 Secret to Better Erections

self improvement sexual kung fu sexual kung fu exercises Dec 09, 2021

Every man, at some point of life, experiences some kind of issue with erections. Maybe he’s not able to get hard when he wants to or maybe his erection goes away during sex.  We all experiences this at some point but when this becomes a common occurrence then obviously you have a problem and you want to look at this to address it right. This can be a very frustrating thing for men that impact your confidence and self-esteem.

So based on experience, the number one secret to having better erections overall, is having a strong cardio regimen. Doing cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis, and not just going for a ten minute walk or running your bike around, I mean high intensity, really pushing yourself, getting your heart rate up type of cardio.

There are many factors to erection quality like your health, your stress level, your diet, and all kinds of things but the biggest impact on my erection quality was starting a very strong cardio exercise regimen. So basically sex is an athletic act. It takes a lot of energy. It takes a lot of hormones. Blood flows in the body to sustain erections, to have orgasms and all these things. If you want to maximize your sexual performance then you need to train like an athlete.  When you’re doing intense cardio training, the body starts releasing high levels of nitric oxide and your blood circulation increases tremendously and it starts to put your body under physical stress, really pushing your limits. This makes your body stronger, your body starts to adapt with this. Not only will you have a better blood flow in your entire body but better blood flow to your penis as well, which is very important for erections.

The kind of cardio regimen that I recommend is doing a cardio workout 3-4 times a week. It doesn’t matter if you’re already doing weight lifting, qigong, and yoga. This is different, this will affect you differently. So I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite routines. One is sprinting. Sprinting is really intense but it’s also very efficient. You push yourself and you take a bit of a break. My sprinting routine is to do 10 rounds of 30 seconds sprints and about 90 seconds of recovery in between them. Another one is using an elliptical machine. Similar with the sprint routine, you want to warm up for about 5 minutes and get your blood flowing and do about 1 minute of high intensity. So you’re moving as fast as you can and take about 2 minutes of recovery moving at a slower pace.

Another great lower body cardio option are hip workouts targeting the lower body like jump, squats and burpees. Jump rope can also be great or you can do some research on some lower body cardio and come up with your own routine. If you’re not used to doing high intensity cardio like this, yes, in the beginning it’s going to be difficult, but after few workouts your endurance will build up and you will start to enjoy this workout. You will feel really great after you do this. I recommend doing a minimum of 3-4 days a week of this high intensity cardio training. This will highly improve your body, your overall health and your energy levels. You will find that your erection will start to become much stronger and longer lasting as well.


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