How to Have Bigger and Harder Erections Naturally!

self improvement Apr 22, 2021

 Put your hand up if you want to have harder erections, put your dick up... oh wait that's the problem.


 This is something that every man runs into at some point. Maybe his erection is not not as hard as it used to be, or he may not be able to get it up at all. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is a very common situation that many men run into. This doesn't have to be the case and there are many things you can do right away to improve erection quality without having to take these prescription drugs that are causing all kinds of other side effects on your body. 


Number one, we need to look at lifestyle. Your penis is really a reflection of your body. It's kind of this microcosm of the entire body, so if your penis is not functioning properly if it's not strong, it's not hard, then there's probably something going on with your body.  Maybe your psychology, your mind. We'll look at a few different areas. I would say one of the most important aspects to have healthy erections is making sure you're getting enough rest, you're sleeping well. This is extremely important  in our excess, young, overworking, overachieving civilization. We often neglect the aspect of rest, but it's so important though. Here in the West we work all night, sleep less, but this takes a huge toll on the body and burns out your nervous system. Sex is kind of like this. it’s indulgence for the body. The body can only have sex if it has an excess amount of energy. If it has an abundance of energy then it can put energy into sex, but if the basic needs of the body are not being met, it's going to withhold itself and you're going to experience erectile dysfunction or other other sexual dysfunctions. Resting is so important especially if you have a stressful lifestyle, a stressful job, you need to get rest, you need to be sleeping seven-eight hours a night, whatever works for you, whatever  makes you feel fully rested. Take some downtime  if you're burning hard, take some quiet time, go lay in the grass, lay on the beach, chill out for a little bit. Do that for fifteen to twenty minutes a day at least. I guarantee you'll feel a lot calmer and you'll have more energy.

Diet is very important as well. If you're if you're putting garbage in your body then you're going to have some issues. Specifically, if you're eating a lot of foods fried in vegetable oils like soybean oil canola oil and sunflower oil, these are full of free radicals. In the body, this can decrease the circulation. That's happening to the penis too. The blood vessels start to get clogged up and your penis just isn't able to inflate with blood as well. Diet is very important. You want to be eating clean, avoid sugar, avoid processed foods, and foods that are full of chemicals because if you have all these toxins in your body, the body's constant trying to detoxify itself and it just doesn't have the resources to be sexually healthy. Avoiding fried foods is a huge one. Eat more vegetables, eat more fruits, get some healthy fats. The closer that your food is to nature (no additives, processing, or chemicals) you're going to get much more energy from it. It's going to be much more nourishing for you and your sexual vigor. Your sexual vitality will be much better. Try to eat organic, avoid pesticides and GMOs. Stay hydrated. Hydration is extremely important for the body, specifically, you want to be drinking a clean source of water. ( I do not recommend drinking tap water if you live here in the United States and many other countries as well. It's laced with all kinds of nasty chemicals like fluoride, mercury, chlorine and other nasty things you don't want in your body) Drinking reverse osmosis water is ideal. If you use a water filter or you can get natural spring water, that's great. Just make sure it does have any fluoride in it, no chemicals to stay hydrated. 80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, and it's going to cause other issues in the body. The erection quality is very related to the health of your liver. The liver has this quality of expansion in Chinese medicine. The liver is sort of the wood element. This is this expansive quality, and it also mobilizes the blood and the energy of the body. If you're having some liver issues or  some stagnant liver energies, as it’s known in Chinese medicine, this can manifest as erectile dysfunction. If you're drinking a lot of alcohol and/or taking substances, it's going to take a toll on your liver. Personally, I don't drink any alcohol. If you're having trouble with your erections, I highly recommend at least cutting down on alcohol or removing it completely for at least for a period of time just to see if that helps you. Smoking cigarettes is terrible for you, really any psychoactive substance, if you're taking it every day it causes stress on the body and decreases your sexual vitality.


 Exercising regularly is also very important. Getting your blood flowing, circulation to the penis. You want to make sure the blood is moving, the body's doing its job, it's cleaning out the blood, you're pumping it through the body, clearing out your toxins. Exercise is really great whether you lift weights, you go for a bike ride every day, you’re jogging or walking...whatever  just keeps your body moving... especially if you spend a lot of time sitting down. When you're constantly still all day, your body is made to be in motion, so if you're not constantly moving your body, you're very likely going to have some issues. I highly recommend a yoga or Qigong practice. These help to open up your body. You get more flexible, blood flow can start to get into these places again, and it's going to really boost your sexual vitality. 


I want to share with you some exercises and some supplements that will directly improve your erection quality. The exercise it's called jelqing. This is a fairly common exercise but there's a bit of misinformation about it.  It's very important that you do it properly because if you do it a wrong way you will either not get any benefits, or actually make your erectile dysfunction worse if you're experiencing that. Jelqing is basically, you take your penis and you form your fingers in this ring around the base of your penis and you squeeze gently and pull outward. It's kind of like you're squeezing a tube of toothpaste. You pull outward, but you stop at the head of the penis. You never squeeze through the head of the penis, you always stop right at the base of the head. That’s the proper way to do this and you want to use some lubrication because this can cause some chafing. Do this for about ten minutes in the beginning and your penis should be about half erect, don't do it fully erect, this can be dangerous. You need some blood in there to do it properly so about half mast if you know I mean. 

A great supplement for men to take goji berries. They are high in zinc, they have a lot of different minerals in them and are super good for your sexual health. Taking goji berries will help you to recharge your sexual battery. The other supplement is arginine. This is an amino acid and it's a precursor to nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is what helps to increase blood flow, it helps to dilate the blood vessel so you get more blood flowing and obviously that's going to be very beneficial for your erection. I recommend taking about five to six grams of arginine. Take that about thirty minutes or an hour before you have sex and just notice if that does anything for you. It can really help to improve your erection strength. Another great supplement is citrulline. When you take citrulline the body actually converts it into arginine which is then converted into nitric oxide and some people say that citrulline is actually superior to arginine because it converts better, but personally, I take both sometimes. You'll see a lot of supplements that include both. With arginine, I'll take about one to three grams. You want to kind of do your own research on the dosage and just experiment with what works for you. The third supplement is Pine Bark Extract. Again, this is a nitric oxide booster so it helps erection strength. There’s been a lot of studies showing that this really boosts sexual function for men.  The last one is horny goat weed. This is a very traditional remedy for improving sexual function and improving erections in Chinese medicine. It’s supposed to help both increase sexual desire, as well as erection strength.

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