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self improvement sexual kung fu exercises Jan 03, 2022

I'm gonna share a very simple, a very quick but very effective and powerful self-massage practice you can use to release energy in the body to open up space in your body and to really get things flowing. And this is a core abdominal massage practice. This is called Chi Nei Tsang. I did a level one Chi Nei Tsang training with Karen Diehl several ago and basically this is an abdominal  massage practice and very effective because everything in the body connects to the abdomen.

The fascia tissue which is almost like interface between the physical body and the energy body it spreads throughout the body and the major connection points of all this network of tissue is bound in the belly center. And this is very vulnerable space for everyone. We tend to hold a lot of emotion and a lot of past energies in the abdominal area. A lot of people very tight in the abdomen especially in the diaphragm. So this is going to be kind of a self-care sequence you can use everyday to really keep your body and your mind and your energy body open and flowing. I guarantee you're going to feel some really amazing releasing if you do the practice properly.

So i'm going to go right to it.  We're gonna be working with eight specific points. Around the navel is known as the wind gates. And in this practice we're basically going to use acupressure. You're going to straighten your fingers to take this sort of chi knife right and you're going to press into this navel points with a pretty good amount of pressure. And first of all you, you do this practice at your own risk after consulting with your doctor and release me from any liability or injury that may occur from doing this practice.

When I say press on these points (abdomen area) means press like pretty hard. Like it will probably be uncomfortable, you may experience some discomfort or some mild pain. Obviously use your discernment if you're experiencing a lot of pain but overall it's pretty safe to do some serious massage work here in the abdomen but again it's a very vulnerable area and yes it may feel uncomfortable but working with this area helps you to really  open up, release energy flow in the body. So as you're doing this you may feel other parts of your body start to release open like often.

I'll be working on one point and I'll feel sensation happening like in my shoulder or often in my pelvic floor. This connects the entire body. So the first two wind gates are going to be just left and right sides of the navel. About one and a half to two inches outside the navel. So we're going to inhale, take a deep breath and as we exhale you're gonna lean forward, empty your lungs and push your hands in there. And I like to exhale with a "ho" sound as I do the practice. It kind of the healing sound for the spleen in the stomach. It helps to tonify and support the digestive system as well. We're going to do the first wind gates, left and right sides and navel. So take a deep breath, exhale, really push in there and release.

The next two are going to be directly above and below the navel again about two inches or so one and a half two inches. And you can work this entire abdominal area but this is just kind of the quickest/shortest  practice. So above and below the navel, same thing push in and when you push that one you're going to feel a pulse. This is your aorta vena cava tissue. These are major arteries that move through the torso and supply blood. So you're going to feel that pulsing when you push into these areas. So don't get too crazy with these ones. So here we go, take a deep breath, exhale and push in there.  And you'll notice that some of these feel much more tender than the other ones. They'll be a lot more like tenderness or like pain achiness in that area. So kind of shows you that, that's part of your body need to really focus on and work with more.

So now the fourth are going to be diagonal. So the upper left and lower right right now. Same thing about two inches or so. You can experiment with different distances and find your own sweet spots. Same process, take a deep breath, exhale. And then the next one is upper right and lower left. So we're hitting these eight sections around the navel. Upper right, lower left.

Take a deep breath, push in there and exhale. And just feel. Notice how you feel now? Notice how much sensation you have in your abdominal area now, it's like your mind is much more anchored in this area because you kind of open it up. You may find that you breathe easier, you may find your body feels more relaxed. Just notice what did for you?

So that is the core practice. That's basically  the quick step version. I'm going to share a few more things but this is more of if you want go more in dept with it but I just shared that basically one two three four. It only takes a minute or two. Super quick and if you do that everyday, it's going to really help you keep your abdomen open, keep your energy flowing through your entire body. It's also really effective for relieving stress, creating more relaxation in the body. And I've found, it helps me to open up and expand the pelvic floor area which is very supportive in sexual cultivation. A big part of arousal control and being able to experience non-ejaculatory orgasms for men is being able to really open up space in the body. And this massage thing is very effective for that.

So the next thing we can work with is the diaphragm. As I mentioned, a lot of people are very stuck in their diaphragms. If you have stiff breathing, a lot of of tension in this area really helps to free up this area. So we're gonna do basically the same thing that we did where we inhaled and we exhale and we push in. So we'll do this in three sections. First we'll do the left side of the diaphragm, just under the left side of the ribs. You push your fingers up in there and take a deep breath and exhale and push. Don't go crazy with these ones, your stomach, your internal organs are up there so it gives them a nice massage. So now, we'll do the right side, the liver and gall bladder under here. So take a deep breath and exhale and pushing on that diaphragm. And we'll do right here in the center . This can be very tender , so don't go too crazy with this one. Take a deep breath and exhale.

And just notice how your breathing feels now. Do you feel like you've freed up your breathing? Just observe that and then some final points here is to go a step further with this practice. You can kind of just work around the whole abdominal area. Just do like a spiraling circular massage and notice where you feel areas of strong discomfort . It feels like when you push that point and when you feel that try to work those areas out. You can put some pressure into it. It's going to be a little uncomfortable but again in a safe way, you can work some of these blockages out and this frees up your core energy. You can even go almost down to the hip area and you can kind of work like the large intestine. All kinds of things. You can even go right above the pelvis, kind of work this area  that'll help free some pellet floor tension if your experience that.

So just massaging this abdominal area again. That's just a very basic practice and if you do just the core version I shared with you where you just push into eight wind gates, do that everyday. It takes a couple of minutes at most . This is a great self-care practice for improving your energy flow in your body, supports your digestion, supports your circulation, supports your being able to maintain a parasympathetic calm grounded state. So many benefits to practice . It's enormous right? So there it is, hope  you enjoyed that  and use it. You can share that with your partner, your friends. It's really a great practice .

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