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manifesting self improvement sexual kung fu Dec 16, 2021

I firmly believe that our belief systems that we have shape the world around us, literally shape our reality. And this is why we can live in a world with almost unlimited amount of viewpoints and belief systems and yet everyone within these belief systems feels completely justified in what they believe, and they always have evidence to support it. It's very interesting.

And also, if you've ever experienced lucid dreaming, which is the experience of dreaming with full consciousness that you are dreaming, you can actually start to affect your dream world right before your eyes, but only if you believe it's possible. It's like in the movie 'The Matrix', when Morpheus says to Neo when he's training him, he says, "Don't think you can? No, you can't". So it's about embodying a state of certainty and absolutely knowing.

That is what I believe is one of the major keys to manifesting so many things in my life. I found myself really wanting something and really actually working towards achieving that. But I had a belief system that wasn't supporting it. For example, I really wanted to make more money because I was super broke. I could hardly pay my rent, but I had this belief system that said there's not enough money in the world. There's not enough for you to have this. You don't deserve this. That was preventing me from achieving this. It's very common for people in this world to have this lack of consciousness.

People have these ideas that there's not enough strong enough resources, there's not enough energy, there's not enough money, whatever. We get into the self-protection mode, we get in survival mode, and we feel like we have to fight and take something from someone else to get what we want. That's not the true nature of the universe. If you look at the patterns of nature, if you look at the universe, there's an unlimited amount of resources and energy available. It's just a question of aligning yourself to these expressions of the life force so that you can increase your amount of energy, increase your finances, increase the amount of love you have in your life, your success, confidence, whatever it is that you want. It's a matter of both aligning your belief system and truly embodying the vibration of what it is that you wish to experience in your life, but also being able to take action towards that. 

A lot of people are trying to manifest out of this sort of desperate state, and this is often how people use prayer as well. It's like, something really, really bad is happening. Please help me. Please let this happen. So it's more like begging. The opposite of this is to be in a state of confidence, a state of owning that really. 

For example, a musician steps on the stage and a few steps out. They're feeling really, really afraid. Is the crowd going to like me? Am I going to make a mistake? Should I not be here? Do I not deserve this? If they're in that state of consciousness, it's probably not going to be a very good performance. The audience is going to feel that, and they're going to resonate with that pattern as well, and it's probably not going to be a very great show. On the other hand, if the performer walks out feeling confident, knowing that he's going to put together a great performance, even if he makes a few mistakes, just knowing that he's going to own that, then the audience feels receptive to that. 

That's kind of how the life force works around us when we really own what it is that we want, when we really own a state of being, when we're really radiating confidence, when we are sort of taking charge of what it is we want to create in our life. Then things flow. Things really start to unlock for you. Things happen because you're showing tenacity. You're embodying a state of vibration, a state of consciousness. It's very different than trying to desperately beg your way into something. So if you're trying to manifest money, you're saying, Please, please, universe, I need a million dollars next week, then you're acknowledging that you're in a state of lack. So you're radiating that vibration and you're saying next week, which is saying that you don't deserve it now. 

There's a really cool video that, I think it was Greg Braden who shared it, it was of a Qigong hospital in China, and this was a hospital where they used energy healing to cure patients. There's all these practitioners around a patient and they have a monitor up of this tumor that this patient had. They're standing in a circle and they're chanting and directing energy to this patient. They're saying it's done, meaning that they're seeing that the patient is cured, they're seeing him healthy. They're feeling that it's already been done and they're in that confidence. And you literally watch on the screen, the tumor disappears. And so these practitioners explain that they were seeing the patient healthy.They were seeing that this tumor was already cleared and that it was done. 

That is a very different thing than being in this begging state where you're actually acknowledging the problem that you have, and actually making it worse by reading that vibration versus putting yourself in the state where you feel that you've already received what you were trying to accomplish. Sexual energy ties in with this very directly because our sexual energy is our manifestation ability, it is our creative energy. This energy can transform and grow and expand into a human body, into a planet, into the entire cosmos, into a piece of art, into a project you're working on, absolutely anything his sexual energy can transform into. You can create out of nothing with sexual energy. But the problem is that a lot of people are literally wiring their sexual energy to move out of their body. It's also this sort of lack mindset, saying I need to release the sexual energy from my body to feel content because it's this impulse, this very low sexual drive that they've been conditioned to experience. 

Men are conditioned to be uncomfortable with arousal and to try to get it out of their body as soon as they can. Therefore, this takes away their ability to be creative, to hold a magnetic sexual charge. From my experience, that's one of the biggest secrets to holding more energy in all other aspects of your life, holding more financial abundance, holding more success, holding more bliss and joy in your life, holding more in your spiritual path. If you can't hold your sexual energy, you're probably not going to be able to contain a lot of these other things as well. Of course, everyone's different. You know, everyone has their own unique path, and you'll see a lot of successful millionaires who have questionable day to day habits. 

 So I recommend you sit down, you close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, just calm yourself, relax yourself, place your hands together in front of your heart and feel the space of your heart. Think of a memory in your life when you felt deep. Love when you felt deep. Gratitude when you felt overjoyed. For some reason, maybe you received something really amazing. You heard some really good news. You started a new relationship with someone. Whatever something that made you feel really, really good and recreate that feeling in your body. Recreate that emotion. Make it as tangible as you can, and then start focusing on what it is that you want to create your life. Start with one thing. One big thing that you want to create, whether that's financially, spiritually, health, whatever tool that you've already accomplished, that you've already received, it's already done. You're owning it. You're feeling gratitude for that. You're feeling excited about it. Sustain that feeling for as long as you can, as tangibly as you can. I mean, you know, just a couple of minutes even engage all the senses to make it as real as possible. But the emotional qualities, what's the most important from my experience. 

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