Top 5 Exercises for Male Sexual Health

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I want to share the top five exercises for men's sexual health.


 We live in a time of unprecedented stress, unprecedented change, and turmoil in a lot of people's lives. These factors can have a really negative impact on our mental health, our physical health, and especially our sexual health. Which is really a manifestation of these other things right?  I want to share some exercises with you that I personally use to keep my body in peak sexual health. 


Number one is cardio.


  Cardio is very important. You want to get your blood flowing, to get your heart pumping. If you never get your heart rate up, if you never do anything that increases the circulation of blood throughout your body, then your sexual vitality is going to suffer. Especially your erection quality and your hormonal health. Doing cardio exercise is very important to increase your circulation. It's going to increase your overall energy, your mood, your sense of balance. You're going to sleep better and be able to replenish your hormones better. It really helps you get back into that natural circadian rhythm. You really need to exercise your body. Now, excessive cardio training can reduce testosterone levels, but as long as you're not running marathons or training to become an Olympic athlete, you're probably going to be fine. My personal favorite cardio exercises are biking. Going for a 30 minutes to an hour long bike ride is a really solid cardio workout. When i'm at the gym I'll use an elliptical machine because I personally don't like running very much. It can be very hard on the ankle joints and the knee joints and so I prefer more low impact cardio. You want to get a really good cardio workout at least three times a week and that will help you stay in peak sexual condition. You'll notice that this really enhances your sexual vitality and the potency of your erections, as well as you’ll increase the blood flow and circulation in your body.


 The second exercise is squats,


Squats are very very important, especially squats that help you to mobilize and become more flexible in your hips. A lot of men have very stuck and blocked hip joints. Their hips are very, very tight and not very flexible. This tends to have negative consequences on your blood flow into the sexual region. Squats are a really great exercise. They work major muscle groups in your body, they can help boost testosterone production, and help increase blood flow into the genitals improving your sexual vitality.  I recommend you do 20 to 50 at least per day. Of course you can do a lot more, but in general, that's going to be a good routine. 

The third exercise is kegels and reverse kegels.


It's very important to exercise your pelvic floor. As we age, the muscles in the pelvic floor tend to get loose and flaccid and this causes the organs to sort of sag down into the pelvic floor. This can make you more likely to have hernias. By exercising the pelvic floor muscles you'll improve the blood circulation in the genitals directly and this has a lot of benefits such as having stronger erections, having more blood flow, and can also help you to have greater control of your ejaculation during sex and have more pleasurable orgasms. It's important to do kegels but also do reverse kegels. Kegels are a squeezing of the pelvic floor muscles. If you have to urinate and you're holding it back, those muscles are what you squeeze when you're doing a kegel. A reverse kegel is the opposite. It's pushing out.  You can imagine that if you're urinating, you're trying to push it out faster. That pushing out motion is a reverse kegel. You don't want to do regular kegels every single day. You want to alternate one day on one day off doing them about three to four days per week. Isolate those pelvic floor muscles, squeeze it, and hold the contraction for about five to ten seconds. Make sure you're just squeezing the pelvic floor muscles and not the butt muscles not the abs. You want to just isolate those pelvic floor muscles to have greater control. So hold that for five to ten seconds, relax and, then wait a few seconds. Let the pelvic floor muscles relax. That's very important, and then do another five to ten second hold. Do about ten reps of five to ten second holds, and do two to three sets of those during the day and again do that three to four days per week. Reverse kegels are the opposite. You want to hold that pushing out motion like you're pushing out urine. You do five to ten seconds, hold, relax for about five seconds and do about 10 sets of those two to three times a day. You can do reverse kegels every single day and this will actually help you overcome premature ejaculation because it helps you release some of the hypertension that can build up in the pelvic floor from too much kegels. It's very important to have balanced pelvic floor muscles.


Number four is abdominal breathing.


This is very important. One of the most negative factors for male sexual health and hormonal balance is stress. If you're stressed all the time, you're in the fight or flight state. The body cannot focus on repairing itself and balancing your hormones. You have cortisol released into your blood which inhibits testosterone, and then this also has negative effects on your sleep. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important factors for your sexual health. If you're not sleeping well then it doesn't really matter what else you're doing because you're still going to lack sexual vitality. Abdominal breathing is a very great exercise. It helps you to get out of the fight-or-flight state and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is that calm rest and digest state. This is very important for releasing stress, being calm, and really regulating your nervous system. You'll have more energy. Your breathing habits really affect your health so take time throughout the day to notice how you are  breathing. If you're only breathing very shallow breaths from up in the chest, which most people are, you're actually losing energy from your breathing habits. When you learn to breathe from your abdomen, breathing abdominally, you will gain energy from your breathing. You will feel much more calm and this will really boost your sexual vitality. It will promote the production of sexual energy in your body.

The fifth exercise for male sexual health is edging without ejaculation.


Edging is basically having sexual stimulation with no ejaculation. For men, sexual stimulation and sexual arousal boost the production of hormones. When you're having sex, you're sexually aroused, or even masturbating, there's an increase in testosterone levels. When you ejaculate, you actually lose this sexual charge so to speak. A hormone called prolactin is released into the blood which inhibits testosterone levels. You lose a lot of zinc, you lose a lot of other minerals and nutrients, and you lose your life force. Why do you feel fatigued limp and exhausted after ejaculating? Because you've lost something. All the benefits from increased hormone production and sexual energy production during sex you lose when you ejaculate. Learning to have non-ejaculatory sexual stimulation is actually very beneficial for your hormone levels and your overall vitality. It really is a use it or lose it situation. If you want to have strong sexual vitality then you have to exercise your sexual organs. For men, the genitals are basically the core endocrine glands of the body. The endocrine glands regulate our hormones. They have a strong impact on our energy, our mood, and our circadian rhythms. As we age and our levels of hormones decline because we stop engaging in sexual activity, we start to dry up. We start to age, we lose energy, you start to lose your memory  because of a lack of sexual hormones in the brain. One  of the easiest ways to keep yourself healthy and youthful with a strong sexual vitality is to have regular sexual stimulation, but again, it's important that you learn to not ejaculate. Obviously there can be a bit of a training period for men learning to experience sexual stimulation without ejaculating and I talk about this in many of my YouTube videos. You can actually learn to have orgasms without ejaculating so that you get the highest benefits, but if you find yourself feeling like you have low sexual vitality, low sexual interest, low libido, try adding an edging routine to your day. I recommend practicing edging for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can go a bit longer to really get your hormone levels up. Get that sexual energy up and then make sure you don't ejaculate. At the end you might be wondering what to  do with all this arousal that's built up.  You can learn to draw that energy up away from the genitals and into the body so that you capture that strong sexual charge you've generated without losing any of the hormones, without losing any of the sexual energy.

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