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I'm going to share one of the biggest secrets that's often not talked about in tantric sex... and this is something that's affecting many many people in the world, but they're not even aware of this. 


This is the heart and sex connection in our lives, in our bodies, and in our energy bodies. Why is it important to connect your sexual energy, your sexual center with the heart center? The center of love and connection? It's a fact that the heart has a magnetic field that is like 10 to 50 times more powerful than the magnetic field generated by the brain. There's actually neural pathways and brain-like cells inside of the heart and there's all these connections in the nervous system going from the heart to the brain. In fact, there's more communications that are going from the heart to brain than are coming from the brain down to the heart, so the heart is really the ruler of everything. 

In order to activate this powerful heart magnetic field, which literally changes the world around you, it affects everyone around you, it affects the molecules, the atoms, affects the DNA of the world around you. In order for this heart center to be activated, you must feel feelings of love, compassion, joy, radiance, this unconditional love that a lot of mystics talk about. If you hold this space within your body by feeling those feelings regularly, then you are activating your heart center. You become centered within the space of your heart, therefore, you are in your highest power. Your energy output increases 10 to 50 times... so don't you imagine that this would make you a bit more powerful? You're able to affect the world more, you're able to manifest what you want instead of acting out of fear, acting out of external pressures, which is how most of us are conditioned to behave on a regular basis. There's so much distraction in our world coming from our technological devices, from our media, the news. We're just being hammered with all this information that makes people filled with fear. When you're feeling the emotions of anger, fear, guilt, these kinds of things, you are at a low vibration. You're disconnected from your heart space, you're disconnected from your true nature, and you're basically functioning in survival consciousness.  You have no power because, again, your frequency becomes very low. You're vibrating on a very base animalistic level. Your energy field contracts around you to protect you... this is how the majority of people on this planet right now are functioning. They're in the fight-or-flight mode, they're in fear, they're in anger, they're in stress. You cannot manifest the life that you want when you are living in these vibrations of fear, of anger, of hatred. It shuts you down and it shuts down your creative ability and it causes you to bring more of these things into your life. You'll bring in more fear, you'll bring in more anger, more hatred. This is what you will act out...you act out of your fear, you create more situations of fear, you project your anger onto someone else and now they're angry back at you and you feel even angrier. It's a downward spiral of negativity that so many people on this planet are stuck in because there's a lot of distractions. There's a lot of systems set in place to keep us distracted by these negative emotions because when we remember the feelings of love, the feelings of trust, compassion, respect for our fellow humans regardless of our background, our religious beliefs, our skin color, become very powerful so the feelings that activate our heart center,  feelings of love, compassion, joy,  these are not really promoted in our society. You don't see acts of love on the news, you don't see acts of kindness and compassion on the news. We only hear about  horrible things that are happening... most of which are completely fabricated. fearful things. 

A system is in place in our world, the matrix is set up to have us all functioning on a very low leve,l so if you want to escape that programming, escape the prison that so many people are stuck in in their very homes, then you must learn to reconnect with your heart space and, of course, this is very important in sex, as well as a major part of sexual kung fu, of conscious sexuality, of tantra. You must connect your heart center with your sexual center because when you're only expressing your sexual energy through your genitals, as most people are through physical sex, through  trying to recreate what you see in porn, it completely limits your expression of that powerful sexual energy. You only express it as  leaving your body through a peak orgasm and this becomes very addictive because, on some level, you desire a deeper connection with your partner, you desire more sex, but every time you have sex when you're stuck in this base level consciousness of simply using sex to thrust away and ejaculate into your partner as most men do, it becomes very unsatisfying, again,  because you're disconnected from your heart.


 When you do not have a deeper connection with your partner, physical sex alone will never satisfy you. A very important aspect of sexual kung fu training is to learn to open up the higher energy centers of the body. By opening up the energy channels, which link the genitals to the heart space up to the crown center and the head center as well, this allows the sexual energy to be expressed in new ways. You connect from the heart space with your partner, and you're also physically connected... now you're adding in a whole new octave of experience. It completely changes your experience of sex.

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