Manifesting with Sexual Energy

manifesting sexual kung fu Oct 23, 2020

I'm going to explain why the law of attraction isn't working for most people, and what really is the secret key in getting this to work for you. 


You can start to manifest the life that you want. We all have that friend who's a law of attraction fanatic, you know, they have the vision board with the ferrari on it, a house on the beach, hot girls in bikinis, stacks of cash, but they're living in a rundown studio apartment and they're just barely scraping by in life. 


This sounds familiar or maybe you're that friend?  So many people are talking about the law of attraction but a lot of the people who are preaching this stuff are still very stuck in their life. They're not getting where they want to be, they're not actually able to manifest what they want even though they're preaching this work, and there's many reasons for this. First of all, I think that people tend to be overly focused on material things. You have to ask yourself why you want a million dollars, why do you want a nice car, why do you want a nice house, is it because this is what you saw in the movies or on television?  You saw people having these things and thought they looked happy... so you assume this is what you’re supposed to want in life. 


There's a lot of unconsciousness behind what we actually want to manifest in our life, and for me back in my early 20s, when I was kind of stuck in my life, I was doing all this stuff on law of attraction. I was visualizing what I wanted. I had a little set up in my abundance corner in my house, trying to draw in money, but it wasn't working for me. I was very broke and something I realized was that I had these underlying issues within myself that were preventing me from having abundance in my external life. Something was blocked inside of me and that's what was causing me to have blockages in my external life and I really had to get in spiritual alignment. I had to get in alignment with who I really am, what I really want in life, what is truly going to bring me happiness. Having all of the money, all the cars, all the hot women, whatever, is not going to make you happy... and we can look at celebrities for evidence of this. Many of them are drug addicts, they're depressed, of course there's many other reasons for this as well, but material abundance does not equal happiness. If you're not a happy, balanced, person and then someone gives you a million dollars, you just have more energy to put into the patterns that are not serving you because money is just energy you know?  When we want money, what we really want is power. We want the ability to choose what is in our life, to choose what we have to experience right?  It's very, very important to be aware of this and to have this mindset when you're trying to manifest something. Again, if you're trying to bring a million dollars into your life and it's not really in alignment with who you truly are, meaning that maybe you have a lesson to learn in experiencing lack in your life. Maybe you have some internal blockages to this.  You know, you have limiting belief systems. Things like this are inherited from your parents. I certainly did and you need to address these things before money is just going to flow into your life. Maybe you have a lot of unconscious habits so that if you did get a million dollars tomorrow you would spend it all on cocaine and hookers, you know what I mean, and then what have you actually gained from the fact that you've just wasted your money on things that are depleting you?  

The universe is always careful about who it gives power to, so again, if you want more power you have to increase your responsibility. You have to show the universe that you are a responsible person and you do this by getting into balance and harmony within yourself. Do your inner work first, do your spiritual work. do your meditation, clear out your limiting beliefs, clear out your fears, these unconscious patterns. Hatred, angers, victim consciousness. You have to clear these things out if you want to have the power to manifest what you truly want, and you have to ask yourself again, why do I want more money? Why do I want a nicer car? You have to be clear about why you want these things. So,  for me, once I was actually able to start manifesting my life, it was when I was getting very, very clear about why I actually wanted these things. I started to say ‘okay I want more money because I want to be able to afford the highest quality organic foods to nourish my body. I want to be able to have a gym membership so I can work out and stay healthy. I want to be able to travel, I want to go to retreats and study with teachers so i can deepen my knowledge and experience of the things I'm interested in.’ I was very clear about what I would actually do with that money and I have to say, if someone had given me a million dollars in my early 20s, I would not have used that money very wisely. I would have bought drugs. I would have used it very irresponsibly. This is why you really need to clear out these internal patterns if you want to have more power, because the universe knows exactly who you are and what you're going to do with the responsibility you're given. Show the universe that you are responsible by doing your self-work first, so that when you get clear about why you want these things, then the passion grows in you, because one of the keys to manifesting is being able to feel what you want with strong emotion and tangibility. I had a hard time with this in the beginning because, again, I was just thinking about the image of money, just thinking about the car, the house, whatever, but there was no emotion behind it... and once again, I got clear on what that money really represented to me, which was the power to choose my lifestyle, the power to nourish my body with healthy foods, the power to travel, then I got really excited about it. Then I started to really feel almost aroused for it right?  You start to get horny for what you want in life which is one of the keys as well. You have to mix in your sexual energy... and this brings me to the most important part is that your sexual energy is the key to manifestation. So again, a lot of people who are into law of attraction but they're getting nowhere with it, they are not harnessing their sexual energy. They're still victims to these sexual impulses you know, maybe they're addicted to porn, they're on pornhub rubbing one out every day like many men are, and just draining their reserve of sexual energy. Your sexual energy is your creative power as a man. You need to have a reservoir of sexual energy. If you're ejaculating every single day then you're in depletion, you have no power to create. Your sexual energy magnetizes your body, it magnetizes your aura, it helps you to create life. That's what sexual energy does, it physically creates new human beings. But at the same time, on a higher level, we can use it to create art, to create projects, to create income, whatever it is you want to create in your life, your sexual energy will help you to do it. 


Sexual kung fu is all about gaining a conscious connection to your sexual energy and being able to tap into that energy, to harness it, to circulate it through your body supercharging your body, supercharging your energy field and your aura with it so that 24/7  you're radiating this powerful, magnetic, sexual energy. When you're doing that and you're doing this law of attraction type work that is what is really going to bring things into your life. 

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