Semen Retention and Edging

semen retention Jul 23, 2020

Is edging harmful or beneficial while practicing semen retention?


Edging is typically masturbating and reaching a point of high arousal, but never actually ejaculating. You’re ‘riding the edge’ or orgasm. Edging can be both harmful and beneficial. IT’s all about context and it’s all about your skill level.


It’s important to learn to move sexual energy throughout the body, be able to work with the energy directly. This is crucial in learning how to last longer in bed and have full-body orgasms!


Edging can be harmful if you don’t have any skill in working with sexual energy. You active your sexual energy, you become aroused, there’s congestion in your genitals but you’re not doing anything with it. It’s sitting stagnate. You’re almost guaranteed to have blue balls, be very irritable and frustrated, and this is because sexual energy is stuck in the genitals. Once you have sex with someone you’re basically a loaded gun and often ejaculate almost immediately. This can manifest as wet dreams, as well as premature ejaculation.


Edging can be beneficial in helping you learn to move the sexual energy out of the genitals and into the rest of the body. Sexual energy is very power, but also very volatile. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause a lot of issues for yourself.


When you have the skills and your energy pathways are open, you can use edging as a tool to train yourself to move energy throughout the body, and how to keep yourself from getting too excited during sex. It basically becomes training to learn to control your arousal, learn your arousal response, and have a better understanding of your sexual energy an how to move it within the body. Training by yourself is much easier, and it’s the key to mastering these skills. This will build confidence, as you will see that you can, in fact, control your arousal, and bring yourself down from these high levels of excitement. Your masturbation habits become your sex habits. Most men have had the same masturbation habits since they were teens, they rapidly stimulate themselves very intensely to a point of high arousal, and then ejaculate immediately. This is a recipe for premature ejaculation. 


You want to be able to slow down the arousal, and prolong the excitement so you can be able to the arousal levels back down. This is crucial in learning to experience full-body orgasms. You must be able to ride high levels of excitement and bring the energy through the body. 


Edging can be a tool to help you learn to last longer in bed, to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and to learn to connect with your own body, your own inherent pleasure. 

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