Semen Retention And Growth Mindset

manifesting self improvement semen retention Nov 13, 2020

What is a growth mindset? So what happens for a lot of people, in this world is that in their teenage years in their early 20s, they're going to school, they're getting their education, they're learning, they're growing... but a lot of people stop growing in their early 20s. People stop growing after high school because we kind of lose that passion and that drive to better ourselves, to improve ourselves, to keep learning new things, to keep exploring new aspects, keep improving different aspects of ourselves and I see this as a bit of a tragedy because there's so much potential. The average person lives around 80 something years and it's like you should be growing for all 80 of those years. Again, a lot of people stop learning after their teenage years and early 20s. They stop studying, they stop reading books, they stop learning new skills, and they just repeat all the information they learned the first 20 years of their life. They just kind of regurgitate old things, talk about the past, no longer having these new breakthroughs and experiences in their life. In my opinion, semen retention is a great practice to give you the opportunity to really keep growing, to stay in this mindset of growth, of self-improvement, of self-transformation.


I've been kind of a transformation junkie my whole life. I love doing inner work, I love doing transformational work such as clearing old patterns from my life, really getting deep into my inner psyche, seeing what baggage I'm holding on to, seeing what kind of shadows I'm holding onto. I love doing this work. It's very exciting for me and it keeps me constantly engaged. It keeps me constantly growing. It keeps life exciting. 


For me, being stuck in a nine-to-five job, going to the bar on the weekends, it just wasn't the lifestyle for me. I tried that and it was very unfulfilling for me. When I got into semen retention,
I  was really going through this period of self reflection,  looking at my life and seeing what's serving me and what is not serving me, am I kind of stuck right now, am I not making any money? Am I doing well in the dating department? Is my body kind of weak, kind of scrawny? 


I used to be really skinny and so I just wasn't really happy with where I was in life and finally made the decision to start changing things, and a big catalyst for that was semen retention because, as a man, when you're constantly ejaculating you're losing all this life force. This life force which gives you that yang charge. Semen is your yang essence, it's that masculine drive to grow, to expand, to accomplish, and when you're ejaculating constantly, you have nothing left. All you have is the yin chemicals. I was very, very yin when I was ejaculating every day. That was one of the things holding me back in life. I was content just to sit on the couch, play video games, look at porn, smoke weed, and to  just not go anywhere in life. Once I started practicing seam retention, I couldn't stay where I was at. I had to move. I had to move things in my life because the semen energy is an expansive energy. Sexual energy is all about recreating yourself, rebirthing yourself, transforming growing, bonding ,bonding to new patterns, releasing the old, and so when you're directing that sexual energy consciously throughout your body through internal practice and directing it into your life as a side effect of that, things start to amplify. Things start to speed up. Your transformation can start to speed up so when you're doing the self work, you're doing your meditation, you're studying, you're improving yourself, you're exercising, you're eating healthy, doing all these things to build your chi, to expand yourself, then life becomes this exciting path again, of growth, of transformation, and I encourage you to focus on these things. If you're doing semen retention, it's very important to live a productive life. To keep yourself busy with  exciting and passionate things. Study whatever it is you enjoy doing.

 You came here into this world with a gift. You came here with something that you have to share with the world, now what it is that's up to you but ask yourself what excites you. What motivates you,  what do you feel passion for,  whatever it is. When you find that thing that makes you feel like a child again, you find that thing that brings you joy, something you can do for hours a day without it feeling like a hard-working task, then that is very likely part of your mission here on earth. Part of your gift and what you have to share with others, because you really need to do your work in this world. By ‘do your work’ I don't mean work a nine-to-five job. I mean share your energy with the world. Your productivity. Create something. Whether you're a musician, you're creating music. Whether you're an artist, you're painting pictures. Whether you're building steel sculptures. Whatever it is. But there's something that motivates you. There's something that drives you. You may have to dig in a little bit to find it, but when you do that's what you should focus on, that's what you should be focusing towards. How can I expand my talent? How can I develop it further? How can I create a living doing that? How can I make that an exchange with the world?


There's the conscious people right? Those who are fulfilling their mission. Those who are asking the questions, who am I really? What am i doing here? What is really the history of this planet? Who are we really as a species? Who's controlling things here?  You start to ask these deep questions and understand that the world is a much more complex, more of a science fiction movie than we ever imagined. Getting beyond that, you start to focus on, again, what do I want?

You start to work towards that with passion with grace. At the same time you're keeping yourself energized, you're you're doing your daily practice, you're doing your meditation, you're doing your yoga, you're chi gong, you're going to the gym, you're exercising, you're fueling yourself with nourishing foods, eating healthy, drinking water, keeping it clean, you're focusing on your goals, you're focusing on what you want to accomplish, strengthening your talents, sharpening your skills, whatever it is you want to be good at. You're working towards that every day and you're in that pattern of growth, you're in that pattern of expansion, and transformation. 


You become a person with a lot of value to bring to this world and you will always have what you need.

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