Semen Retention and Kundalini

semen retention Jun 01, 2020

Does semen retention lead to kundalini awakening?

First, what is Kundalini?

Kundalini in a Sanskrit word that describes an energetic awakening. It's been described in many ways but the common theme seems to be an energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine and when awakened, rises upward into he body to the higher centers.

It tends to activate our higher psychic centers and has very purifying and refining effects on our consciousness, our emotions, and the way that we perceive the world. 

If you're prepared for this, you have done the groundwork, and trained your body to hold this high charge of energy, it can be a very powerful and incredible experience!

By practicing semen retention, you build this Jing field and you're able to transform it by holding it in the body and by meditating. This will not happen on its own typically. You must have an internal meditation practice to start refining that energy into higher spiritual awareness. Semen retention becomes the catalyst for your spiritual transformation. 

How do you awaken your kundalini? There's not one way that works for everyone. There's many practices, such as Taoist internal alchemy meditation, qigong, yoga, kundalini yoga, etc. These can all lead to kundalini awakening.

Kundalini can also be awakened by doing sexual practices. Sexual Kung Fu, tantra practices, these are all about activating lower energy and channeling it upwards in the body. Working with a partner can be very powerful way to activated this energy as well in a connected way.

Occasionally it happens spontaneously, or can be brought on by some psychedelics. 

I first activated my kundalini about eleven years ago. It never really stopped or shut off. I was 19 years old, took some magic mushrooms, (with powerful intent to learn about myself) and I had this incredible life changing experience and spiritual awakening. I felt at one with the universe and felt energy pulsing up my spine. It changed my entire life, my perspective, and the whole direction of my life. People I know say I haven't been the same since this experience. 

I tried many times to recreate this experience, and it never worked. I couldn't get back to the feeling of deep connectedness that happened the first time.This lead me to seek out yoga, mediation, qigong. In 2012 I got into kundalini yoga. I was practicing intense kundalini yoga, and I started activating kundalini that way. I spent a whole year just experiencing this kundalini energy. I was very ungrounded, I was living in a different world. This lead me to seek out qigong, because I was told it was very balanced and grounding. As I started practicing qigong, I was immediately able to ground this intense upward moving energy. It really changed my life because now I could relate to the physical world while still being connected to the spiritual world. This really taught me how important it is to be grounded while working with these intense spiritual energies. I started studying Taoist practices, which is all about a grounded balance to spiritual awakening, vs the path of fire. 

The lesson here is to be very careful. I know it sounds very attractive, but as I said, when you have underlining patters and you aren't prepared, it can be a very difficult and painful experience for you. 

I realized the importance of the microcosmic orbit, which is the most famous Taoist mediation. This is a pathway up the spine, down the front of the body. With microcosmic orbit mediation, you bring the energy up, but you created this pathway down the front of the body, the water path, descending energy back down to earth. It's about finding balance between heaven and earth. Ever since I started doing this, my energy has been very powerful, but balanced and sustainable. 


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