If You're Practicing Semen Retention Then You MUST Do This!

semen retention sexual kung fu exercises Jan 27, 2020

Semen retention and meditation are two practices that go hand in hand. If you’re practicing semen retention then you should be meditating. 


When you're practicing semen retention, you build up a ton of energy and this is a neutral thing, not good or bad, you just have a lot more energy to put into whatever you invest your energy into.  So wether you’re invested into positive things, or negative feelings, you’re going to have more energy. So this is why, in my opinion, meditation along side semen retention is very important as it helps you to stay balanced, keep your mind sharp, and your thoughts clear.

 A lot of men find that they’re very on edge when they’re practicing semen retention because they’re not used to having such high levels of energy and they’re not doing anything to refine it. What do i mean by refine? You’re building up all this raw sexual energy, and without techniques to refine this energy, change it’s shape and form through meditation, you’re often left with a lot of sexual urges, frustration, and sexual thoughts because you’re not bringing the energy out of the genitals, you’re letting it build up. Bringing this energy up is one of the keys to successful semen retention. 

The highest goal of Neidan, Daoist internal alchemy, is immortality, but not immortality in the sense that most of us think. It is spiritual immortality because you build your energy you condense it in the dantien so much that It forms a vessel. It becomes Jing, Chi, and and Shen. Physical essence, energy, and spirit.  The highest goal of practicing semen retention is taking this raw sexual energy, jing, transforming into chi, and transforming it into shen. You will basically transform your sexual urges into spiritual and worldly fulfillment, such as success and abundance . We’re taking this raw ore and refining it into a diamond. That is the goal. This is one of the purposes of practicing meditation to get the highest benefits of semen retention. It keeps you out of this low level of thinking. 

So many men are stuck thinking about sex, ego fulfillment, etc. When you start to meditate and tap into higher spiritual forces and thoughts, you start to realize there is a lot more to life than just making money and getting laid. You start to strive for a greater sense of fulfillment opposed to just material accomplishments. There is nothing wrong with material accomplishments, however, you have to balance the physical and spiritual realms. You may end up on your deathbed feeling unfulfilled, feeling as though you've failed, just focusing on making money and getting laid. If you focus too much on your spiritual destiny, you may not accomplish anything meaningful in the physical realm and not have anything to leave behind. It’s about balance between your spiritual fulfillment and your physical realm fulfillment. Your worldly and spiritual destiny. In Daoism they calls this the Xing and the Ming. The ming is the worldly destiny and Xing is the spiritual destiny. It’s about balancing these two things. 

Having a meditation practice is very important to keep a sense of clarity in your life. It’s important to step back and get out of the chaos of this world. There’s so much stimulation and information that we are overloaded with and if you don't take some time to quiet your mind, take a deep breathe, and sit in stillness, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and thrown out of balance. 

As far as technique, there are many ways of practicing meditation. I’ve been practicing for over ten years now and there’s not one style that suits everyone. It’s about your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. In general, a stillness meditation is a very powerful practice within itself.  I practice Neidan, which is Daoist internal alchemy. You build the lower dantien, which is a power center in the belly. You do this by meditating and holding your awareness on this point. After a period of time you start to accumulate energy here. It starts to activate the dantien and you start to feel this heat or fullness. You build this field of energy in the belly center that grows to fill the middle and upper dantien. It becomes this natural unfolding of your energy body. This is just one pathway of meditation, no one path is right or wrong and it’s important to choose the best one for you that anchors you in your body and keeps you in the moment. 

When you’re practicing semen retention with meditation, you’ll find that it’s a lot more effortless. You’ll be less likely to give into urges and impulses because you build willpower and a sense of having a strong center. It takes willpower to sit in stillness every day. Gradually as I practiced, I was able to eventually calm my mind and get into really profound states of stillness.

It’s about dedication and practice. This is achieved over time. If you’re interested in the techniques I practice, I highly recommend you start with a video I recently made on building the dantien. It’s a very foundational and powerful meditation.


There’s also the Microcosmic Orbit meditation in which you activating a core energy channel of the body that becomes a boundary that you can circulate energy through. 


What i noticed most in my life once I started meditating is that I went from being a very anxiety ridden, overthinking, depressed person to being very calm and centered. I wasn’t so easily thrown out of balance by the inevitable chaos of life. It totally shifted me. I was less likely to want to drink alcohol, smoke weed, or try to fulfill myself in external ways because I had an internal practice that helped me to be centered and balanced.

To summarize, if you’re practicing semen retention, I highly recommend you practice meditation. It will be a game changer for your daily experience. 

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Johnathan White


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