Semen Retention Benefits After 30 Days

manifesting self improvement semen retention sexual kung fu Aug 05, 2020

When you retain your semen for 30 days, which means you go 30 days without ejaculating, there are some very significant changes that happen. Things that I have personally experienced myself, and that many other men are reporting as well. As men, we’re conditioned to believe that it’s normal and healthy for us to ejaculate frequently, every day. And this is because of porn conditioning. We are so sexually overstimulated that we feel like we have to release our sexual energy every single day. I was in this pattern personally as a teenager, from about thirteen to my early twenties. When I was about 22 or 23, I started to realize how much masturbating to porn every day was affecting my life. It was depleting my energy, it was depleting my vitality. I had no focus, no confidence, no motivation in life. I was drying up in my early 20’s. 


I always felt that sexual energy was very special in some way. I knew that there was some way to integrate sexuality into my spiritual life without just suppressing it completely. This led me down a path to study tantra, and especially Taoist sexual cultivation. With these approaches, you’re not suppressing sex, but you’re also not overindulging in sex in a way that depletes you, like most of us in the modern world do. It’s about taking that sexual energy and cultivating it, working with it in a way that deepens your relationship with your partner.  You can have sex without ejaculating, cultivate that energy, circulate it with your partner, and store it within your body. So you build a sexual charge and you don’t lose it. When a man ejaculates, he loses that sexual charge. He loses the essence of his body which semen is. It’s the essence of the male body. It’s your yang energy. When you’re constantly ejaculating everyday, you’re in a state of depletion. 


When I first started practicing semen retention, it was a major feat for me to go 30 days without ejaculating. Some of the things that I noticed was that, first of all, my energy levels improved significantly. Like night and day. I used to rely on caffeine and other substances to get me up and going in the morning. I had to drag myself out of bed. Once I got 30 days into semen retention, my energy levels went through the roof. I needed less sleep, I was up in the morning ready to go, and I just had all this endless supply of energy, which makes sense because the body puts a lot of work into creating semen. It takes a lot of resources from the body. It’s pulling from the organs, from the spinal fluid, all of these substances are put into producing semen. It actually shuts down your androgen receptors and the body stops placing a focus on cellular repair and self maintenance. Instead, it focuses on creating more semen. So when you’re no longer in a deficit of constantly ejaculating, your body no longer has to focus primarily on creating more semen. It has more energy for its other processes, therefore you experience significantly boosted energy levels.


Another major benefit I noticed was that my focus improved dramatically. I used to have a really hard time focusing on one thing. I used to be very scatterbrained. I’d be working on one thing and I’d have to do something else, I just couldn’t focus on one task for a long period of time. What I found was that after practicing semen retention, my focus improved dramatically. I do a lot of creative work, at the time I was a musician, so I really had to focus on what I was doing, and my ability to focus on one thing without getting distracted improved dramatically. I felt like my mental faculties were functioning much better. And it makes sense because again, when you’re constantly ejaculating you’re depleting your energy, and specifically, you’re losing a lot of zinc, often more than you can replenish through diet alone. Zinc is necessary for hormonal balance and for proper brain function and memory as well. When you’re zinc deficient, your immune system suffers, you feel brain fog, lethargy, and you have a hard time focusing. You may even feel depressed. Practicing semen retention is a great way to boost your focus. 


I also found myself feeling very, very motivated. I had all this energy and it made me want to stay busy. I wanted to keep myself busy with tasks, I was studying things, improving my skills, doing creative work, and I was also motivated to go to the gym and start working out. I joined a gym and I started lifting weights, something I never had the energy to do before. Once I started practicing semen retention, I was like ‘ok I have to put this energy into something because I have so much of it.’ I had all this energy and motivation to go out and get things done and it was incredible! 


Something else that vastly improved was my confidence. I used to really lack confidence. I used to have really low self esteem in my teenage years and through my early twenties. I was very shy and I couldn’t bring myself to talk to women. This is something I suffered with for a long time. When I started practicing semen retention, that completely changed. I started to have this deep, radiant confidence. I felt very comfortable in my own skin. Again, I think this really has to do with no longer being depleted. When a man’s watching porn and masturbating every day, hes’ empty inside. He’s depleting his vital energy. You lack the sense of confidence because you’re empty. When you start practicing semen retention, again, you build this vital yang energy back up. You build up your reserves and you’re just overflowing with all this energy and you feel so good. You feel so harmonious. You feel so confident because you’re in your masculine energy. Your semen IS your masculine energy. When you build it up, you have this powerful masculine charge and you feel absolutely unstoppable. This led me to also discover that it makes you much more attractive when you practice semen retention. I think this is due to various factors. Hormonally there’s a lot of changes that happen when you practice semen retention. When a man ejaculates the body releases prolactin. This is a hormone that inhibits levels of testosterone in the body. So after ejaculation, testosterone levels are low. One of the reasons you feel so fatigued and drained after ejaculating, is this release of prolactin. When you’re ejaculating every day you have high prolactin levels, therefore you’re constantly in a state of fatigue, brain fog, and unmotivation. So, by practicing semen retention, getting your hormones back in balance, your testosterone significantly increases, so hormonally you feel much better because you’re radiating this masculine energy, this yang charge. Women pick up on this subconsciously. They detect it. All of a sudden women were approaching me. I had women asking me out. This never happened to me before. It was a complete transformation for me. So, practicing semen retention makes you very magnetic, women are more attracted to you, you become more influential. Again, because you’re just overflowing with this powerful, magnetic sexual energy. Of course, I found when I first went 30 days without ejaculating, that my desire was increased. I had a lot of sexual desire, but I found that I was able to channel this into other things. I was able to channel it into my work, and this desire turned into a desire for success. A desire to improve myself. A desire to grow and to accomplish my mission here on this planet. I had all this energy just driving my life. I felt completely unstoppable. I think one of the biggest benefits when you are able to go 30 days without ejaculating, is that you develop self mastery. It takes a lot of will power if you’ve been in the pattern of ejaculating every day, as I was earlier in life, every day. To go against that ten year pattern, it takes a lot of will power and when you do that for 30 days it changes you. It changes who you are. All of a sudden you develop willpower in every other aspect of your life. You become very disciplined. All of my other draining habits I was able to let go of as well. I stopped smoking weed every day, I stopped getting drunk all the time, and I was able to live the life I truly want. I was able to get my body in shape, get my mind in shape, and get my life together and become an entrepreneur. I was able to create a life I truly wanted all because of this desire and will power I had developed by practicing semen retention. It literally changes who you are.

So instead of being a man who is controlled by your sexual desires, you overcome that pattern. You become a master of yourself. This carries over into all aspects of your life. You become a master of your business world, You become a master of yourself financially. You become a master of all other areas of your life. You become a devoted, hard working, balanced man. And that’s what the world needs right now.

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