How to Practice Semen Retention Without Going Crazy

semen retention sexual kung fu exercises Feb 04, 2020


Semen retention and anger.


A lot of guys ask me how to deal with all the anger they start to feel while practicing semen retention. This is actually quite common but it’s not a great sign. Anger usually manifests because when you’re retaining your semen, what you’re really doing is building up energy. If you have a lot of unconscious negative emotional patterns, all this extra energy will be feeding these patterns. This is very common, unfortunately, because a lot of men don’t start with foundational practices of learning to control the emotions, learning to clear out negativity from the body before you start throwing gasoline on the fire. Anger is often a sign that you’re sexual energy is blocked, that there is something stagnant within the body. 

This comes down to not having internal skill and knowing what you’re doing by practicing semen retention. You build up all this energy and it’s stuck in your body, you can’t move it anywhere. It becomes stagnant and you start to feel irritable, you start to feel angry and frustrated, and this is a sign that your energy is stagnant. 


What do we do about this?


The key is to keep your energy circulating as you’re practicing semen retention. It’s very important to have some kind of internal practice wether it be meditation, energetic movement practice, I prefer Qigong, there are also different yoga forms that work as well. 

You want to keep this energy moving. You want to channel it throughout the body. The easiest way to start doing this is learning the microcosmic orbit meditation.\


The microcosmic orbit becomes this pathway to circulate this energy throughout the body. You start to move this sexual energy out of the genitals and circulated throughout the entire body. This resolves the issue of stagnant energy. This takes a bit of practice to develop the skill to move this sexual energy throughout the body. This is why a movement based energetic practice such as qigong is so important for men practicing semen retention.  This is why I stress it so much in my six week course “Multi-Orgasmic Man’.  Again, before you start building up your sexual energy, you want you want to have, we’ll say, the right infrastructure in place, meaning  your energy channels are open, you want to be able to clear out negative emotions as they arise, and resolve old unconscious patterns, otherwise you’re just amplifying all these things by increasing your energy when you practice semen retention.


I’m going to give you some tips for resolving anger while you’re practicing semen retention. 

Of course the microcosmic orbit meditation as I already mentioned is very important. Any sort of stillness mediation is going to be very helpful. Also doing breath work helps to move the energy in the body.  In Chinese medicine, each of the organs are considered to be aspects of our consciousness. In the West, we often think everything is coming from the head, but in Chinese medicine they consider the conscious to be a composite of all the organs. The brain's more like a computer processing all of the information that’s being broadcasted through the body. We hold patterns of emotions in our body. For example, there’s a phenomenon when people have transplants, they all of a sudden have the memories of the person they received that organ from. This shows there is more to the body than Western science knows. Memories are stored in our organs. Emotions can be stored in various points of the body. 


I’m going to explain an exercise that helps to release negative energy from the liver. The liver is under the right side of the ribs. What we’re going to do is inhale up like you’re filling the body with green light. Green is the color of wood. Wood element is related to the liver in Chinese medicine. The negative quality of the liver is anger, frustration, and jealousy. These are the negative manifestations of wood. The positive qualities are kindness, generosity, and abundance. That’s another way you can resolve this anger, is by doing acts of kindness. Finding generosity. Wether that’s doing something nice for your partner, for your family, or volunteering. This can be a way to resolve anger, to manifest more kindness and generosity in your life. This starts to build your wood element. 


Another great practice to clear out anger as it arises is to inhale and close your eyes. Feel as though your expanding and growing. You’re starting to connect with your energy body, you have more space to work with, more space to move things. Be aware of your liver. As you inhale bring your hands up as though you’re filling up with green light. Then you’re going to exhale and extend the hands up and to the left making a ‘shhhh’ sound and as you do so, feel like you’re releasing feelings of anger and frustration like a cloud of smoke out of your liver, out of your mouth. You’re releasing it out.  Inhale, feel as though you’re filling up with generosity and kindness, green light. Exhale, releasing anger, frustration. Close the eyes, place your hand under the right side of the ribs on the liver. You’re smiling, this opens up the energy body. You’re smiling down to the liver. How often do we smile into our bodies? Bring some attention here. Feel that feeling of kindness and generosity. Feel the expansive wood element. It’s like a tree giving it’s roots out to the world. Expanding yourself out into your community. 


That is one of many healing sounds to rid negative emotions from the body. Whenever you’re feeling angry, you can do this exercise and work on bringing more kindness into your life. This can help you avoid this anger and stagnant energy. 


To sum up, do the microcosmic orbit meditation. Do some qigong, do some yoga. Do some breath work. Exercise when you need to and manifest more kindness and generosity in your life.


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