Sexual Kung Fu

Nov 10, 2022
Sexual kung fu is the skill of mastering and harmonizing your sexual energy, and it originates from the Taoist tradition.

The Taoists were spiritual scientists in ancient China - they developed practices such as qigong, acupuncture, internal alchemy, tai chi, martial arts, herbalism, and other amazing practices.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the Taoists, in my opinion, is the art of sexual kung fu.

Kung fu, by definition, means skill and time. It means training. It’s a discipline. That which requires a daily practice. We often see this attributed to martial arts. Martial arts are a serious discipline that require time and training to accomplish. Sexual kung fu is applying this to the bedroom arts. Training and putting time into to mastering your sexual energy to be master in the bedroom but also a master of your sexual energy, a master over your sexual impulses and being in control of your sexual drive and transmuting that into greater things in your life.

To me, this is the essence of sexual kung fu. It’s why i’ve taken on the name for my youtube channel and my business in honor of the Taoist tradition.

Semen retention is an important part very base of sexual kung fu. Our semen is the essence of our body…it’s our vital energy, and by constantly ejaculating you are draining and depleting yourself. The essence of sexual kung fu is tapping into the sexual energy, moving it through the body, and harnessing that energy. It’s not doing any good if it’s just stuck in your balls, so in sexual kung fu we use practices to circulate that sexual energy and transform it into creative energy.

Sexual kung fu involves opening up the energy channels of the body - the energy meridians. These are the same channels acupuncturists are working with. They’re like rivers of energy through the body. First of all, you open these pathways up. The first is the microcosmic orbit, the main pathway moving up the back of the body and down the front. There are many other channels as well, but this is more than enough to start with. You open this channel and now you have a path for this sexual energy to flow upward instead of outward. 

You start to draw the essence of the semen up the body through the microcosmic orbit.  This channel is linked to all the other acupuncture channels, it’s the main channel and it’s feeding all the other canals full of energy, you’re moving this sexual energy through your entire body. 24/7 you’re radiating this juicy, vibrant, vital, magnetic sexual energy.

A very important part of sexual kung fu for men is learning to have non-ejaculatory orgasms. This way, men can have as much sex as they want, and have orgasm after orgasm, without the fatigue and the drain on your life force which ejaculation causes.


During sex, when you gain skill with sexual kung fu, you have complete control over ejaculation. Because you have such wide open energy channels, you can just move that arousal upward instead of it exploding out of your penis in ejaculation. Not only do you have control of your ejaculation, but more than that, you can experience full body orgasms - because you can guide that orgasm throughout the body. You can move it through your organs, have an orgasm in your lungs or brain, and it feels absolutely incredible. You can do this over and over because you’re internally recycling this energy; instead of dumping it out of you. You can also consciously exchange this energy with your partner, leading to incredibly heightened state of intimacy, intense orgasm, and altered consciousness states.

The sexual kung fu approach is to train daily, keep the energy channels open and flowing. Keep yourself in harmony and balance. There are practices to clear negative emotions, calm the mind, and help you stay grounded in your body. You really have to have a Jedi mind to stay balanced in this world, and that’s what sexual kung fu allows you to do, even with a busy lifestyle living in the modern age.

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By Johnathan White,
Sexual Kung Fu

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