Sexual Kung Fu - The Ancient Art of Sexual Mastery

sexual kung fu exercises Feb 13, 2020

A lot of people ask me "what is sexual kung fu?"

Sexual kung fu comes from the Taoist tradition.

The Taoists were basically ancient spiritual scientists in China and they developed practices such as qigong, acupuncture, internal alchemy, tai chi, martial arts, herbalism, and other amazing practices.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the Taoists, in my opinion, is the art of sexual kung fu.

Kung fu, by definition, means skill and time. It means training. It’s a discipline. That which requires a daily practice. We often see this attributed to martial arts. Martial arts are a serious discipline that require time and training to accomplish. Sexual kung fu is applying this to the bedroom arts. Training and putting time into to mastering your sexual energy to be master in the bedroom but also a master of your sexual energy, a master over your sexual impulses and being in control of your sexual drive and transmuting that into greater things in your life.

To me, this is the essence of sexual kung fu. It’s why i’ve taken on the name for my youtube channel and my business in honor of the Taoist tradition. 

Sexual kung fu is quite a different path than NoFap, for example. NoFap is a great movement that’s changing a lot of men’s lives, helping them wake up to the fact that the porn industry is teaching them to deplete their sexual energy and it’s drying them up. NoFap is great, but in itself is incomplete. In my opinion, it’s not a complete program. In NoFap, men stop masturbating, looking at porn, and they start retaining their semen. That’s a great start.

For example, a lot of times if they get into a relationship or hook up with a girl, they go right back to ejaculating.  Right back to these unconscious patterns during sex. 

Semen retention is the very base of sexual kung fu. Retaining your sexual energy. Semen retention is basically just stopping a leak. Our semen is the essence of our body…it’s our vital energy, and by constantly ejaculating you are draining and depleting yourself. You stop that leak by practicing semen retention, but what now? What do you do with this energy that you’re building up? I see a lot of guys get into trouble with this. Suddenly they have all this energy in their balls and there’s nowhere for it to go. Their bodies are locked with tension. It cant go up into their bodies so it just stays where it is and they end up getting blue balls, sexual frustration, or they finally meet a girl and have sex but suffer from premature ejaculation because their balls have become a pressure cooker - ready to explode.

The essence of sexual kung fu is tapping into the sexual energy, moving it through the body, and harnessing that energy. It’s not doing any good if it’s just stuck in your balls. 

Sexual kung fu involves opening up the energy channels of the body. They’re all thee energetic meridians. This is what acupuncturists work with. They’re like rivers of energy through the body. First of all, you open these pathways up. The first is the microcosmic orbit, up the back of the body and down the front. There are many other channels as well, but this is more than enough to start with. You open this channel and now you have a path for this sexual energy to flow upward instead of outward. That’s the path of death, the unconscious pattern of dumping your sexual energy out of your body. Why would you do that? There’s so much juice, literally, in your sexual fluids. There is so much energy, so much vitality. There’s minerals, there’s nutrients. You shouldn’t be throwing this away every day.

You start to draw the essence of the semen up the body through the microcosmic orbit. You’re circulating it. You’re working with this channel daily and this energy is transmuting. This channel is linked to all the other acupuncture channels, it’s the main channel and it’s feeding all the other canals full of energy, you’re moving this sexual energy through your entire body. 24/7 you’re radiating this juicy, vibrant, vital, magnetic sexual energy.

First of all, it feels really damn good. You’re basically in a subtle full body orgasmic state constantly.

Second of all, everyone around you picks up on this.  You become magnetic, you become attractive, you have this power. You have this sexual vitality and magnetism flowing through your body and it changes everything in your life. All of a sudden what you focus on manifests in your life. you become drive, success, confident, and motivated. It’s incredible. 

Sexual kung fu is about having a daily practice. For me, it involves mediation, breathe work, and qigong. Qigong is an energy cultivation practices. With qigong you’re doing these mindful movements that stimulate the flow of energy through your body, and you can feel it very tangibly. This is not a mystical thing. There is nothing mystical about internal energy any more than there is about electricity. The fact. is that most people haven’t experienced it, so the have no reference point for it. Well, no one had experienced electricity until it was discovered and now we don't think twice about it. I know it’s the same with internal energy. It’s just a matter of experiencing it.Once you do the right qigong practices, this energy is tangible, you feel it, there’s no question about it and its life changing because now you have the tools to tap into this universal energy to move and circulate it through your body to keep yourself balanced and healthy. Why do we get sick and have diseases? It’s because our energy flow gets stuck as we age and experience trauma and conflict. We close our energy flow down because the flow of life is too intense for us.  We often do this in childhood to protect ourselves. By the time we’re adults we’re very rigid, very stuck. Your energy is blocked. that’s why you don't feel as vibrant and excited about life. We don’t feel as happy, open, playful, and just overall  juicy as we were as children because our energy flow is blocked. By practicing qigong you can open this energy flow back up in your life. 

That’s why this is such an important practice in conjunction with semen retention. Again, with semen retention, you’re just building up energy. That’s it. Having a lot of energy is only good if the system it’s running through is in harmony and balance. For example, if you’re an angry and frustrated person, when you start running sexual energy through your body, you’re going to amplify these feeling and throw gasoline on the fire. It’s not necessarily a good thing to have massive amounts of energy. It’s better to have harmonious, balanced energy. That’s why practicing qigong with semen retention in a sexual kung fu approach is so powerful and balancing. Again, you have this tool that is constantly circulating your sexual energy. You’re refining your sexual energy as it moves through the body, all these hotspots, chakras, energy meridians, Its refined, it transforms, and the body can use and absorb what it needs. ITs nourishes every part of the body. You further refine the energy through mediation. Through balancing mediations. To digest that energy, to store it in the various energy centers of the body. 

During sex, when you’re as sexual kung fu master, you have complete control over ejaculation. Because you have such wide open channels, you can just move that arousal upward instead of it exploding out of your penis in ejaculation. Not only do you have control of your ejaculation, but more than that, you can experience full body orgasms because you can guide that sexual energy through the body. You can move it through your organs, have an orgasm in your lungs or brain and it feels absolutely incredible. You can do this over and over because you’re internally recycling this energy instead of dumping it out of you. You can also consciously exchange this energy with your partner. When a man and woman have sex, there’s an exchange of energy. (this applies to same sex partners as well) It’s yin yang dynamic. Men typically have an excess of yang energy, and women have an access of yin. This exchange happens. The man needs the woman’s yin, and she needs his yang. During sex, when you’re practicing sexual kung fu, you can amplify the volume on this exchange of energy. It builds into a powerful exchange, these powerful full body orgasms, it’s unbelievable. It’s completely different than the porn conditioned approach to sex which is just a physical thrusting limited to the genitals…and that’s really not that fulfilling.

The sexual kung fu approach is to train daily, keep the energy channels open and flowing. Keep yourself in harmony and balance. There are practices to clear negative emotions, calm the mind, and help you stay grounded in your body. You really have to have a Jedi mind to stay balanced in this world, and that’s what sexual kung fu has allowed me to do, even with a busy lifestyle living in a city. Even with all these chaotic, disharmonious forces around me, I’m able to keep my center, stay energized, focused and in the zone. 

Learn how to master your sexual energy HERE.

By Johnathan White,
Sexual Kung Fu

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