This Simple Technique Will Help You Last Longer In Bed

semen retention sexual kung fu exercises Oct 12, 2020

I'm going to teach you super simple technique that you can use to last longer in bed, and go longer without ejaculating during sex, or even bypass ejaculation completely if you want!


 Before I get into the technique, I need to explain a bit of the context of this. One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation for men is hypertension in the pelvic floor. Statistically, most men last about five minutes before ejaculating. It's not very long, and this is something that may be counter-intuitive for a lot of you. Personally, when I was first learning sexual kung fu, I was learning all these techniques to last longer during sex and a lot of people, in fact, most people are teaching these pelvic floor tension based practices. You've probably heard ‘do kegels, squeeze your pelvic floor as tight as you can, do that all day right?  Do that several times a day,’ and I was going crazy with this. Let me tell you, my pelvic floor got really, really strong but really, really tight. This is the equivalent of going to the gym and doing only bicep curls every day. Pretty soon your biceps will be strong but they're going to be very tight if you've never done a counter exercise to balance that out. They're going to be very tight, your range of motion is going to be very poor, so this is essentially what you're doing with your pelvic floor when you're only doing all of these kegels. Again, it builds up this hypertension and when you're having sex, you're self-stimulating yourself, whatever, notice how when your penis is you contract your pelvic floor almost involuntarily? That this is a sign of pelvic floor hypertension.  You have this tension pattern and this causes premature ejaculation because those muscles that you're squeezing, your pelvic floor, they are wired into the sympathetic nervous system and ejaculation is a function of the sympathetic nervous system. This is the fight or flight response, so by squeezing this pelvic floor, you're actually pushing yourself closer to the point of ejaculation.


 So the question is,  why are most people telling you to squeeze your pelvic floor?  Because it is possible to bypass ejaculation by squeezing the pelvic floor right before the point of no return, but overall, that approach makes you reach this point of no return where you ejaculate quicker,  causes all this tension in your genitals, and basically, it doesn't help you last longer during sex. It just makes you a lot more sensitive in your genitals which you don't want if you're trying to last longer right? So the remedy to this is the technique i'm going to be telling you that will help relax the pelvic floor muscles is what's called reverse kegels.


So again, a kegel is a squeezing of the pelvic floor muscles. It's like if you have to urinate you're holding it back... those are the muscles that you squeeze to do a kegel and there are actually several different muscle groups in the pelvic floor. Most people talk about the pc muscle, but there's the icy muscle which is around the base of the penis, there's the bc muscle which is in the perineum, and this is actually what most people are referring to and they say pc muscle. The pc muscle itself is actually around the anus. These are three different muscle groups, but typically when you do a kegel you're engaging the the bc muscle in the center, and by over strengthening this muscle, again, it just makes your penis a lot more sensitive during sex and it actually makes your ejaculation response come a lot faster. So this exercise helps you to stretch out the pelvic floor and release some of that tension. 


To do a reverse kegel, there's a couple different ways to do it where we engage more the front muscles of the pelvic floor and more of the back muscles and I’ll explain both methods. The first one to understand what we're doing so it's like if you're urinating and you're trying to push it out faster it's that push so it's like a the outward push in your pelvic floor that's reverse kegel basically, and you'll feel as you're doing that there's almost this like stretching out you'll feel that your pelvic floor is slightly expanding you can even place your fingers in your perineum area and feel that, feel that expansion. The first method you push more into the front area and you do this by taking a deep breath into the belly, fill up the belly with your breath, and push down. Hold the breath, push the belly , and feel that kind of push outward on the front area of the pelvic floor, so your belly will kind of stick out and you push it down as you're holding your breath.  Do that for about five to ten seconds and then relax just notice how that feels so you can do that for several repetitions. 


To do more of a rear reverse kegel, again, take a deep breath and now pull in your abs and push like you're, just to be blunt with it, like you're having a bowel movement. It's more of a rear engagement. So take a deep breath, you suck in your abs, and you push out and you feel that kind of outward push and that's more towards the rear area of the pelvic floor. 


Those are two different methods of doing reverse kegels. You want to start practicing those every day throughout the day. You don't spend a lot of time doing this, just when you're driving to work, riding on the bus, you know walking around, just do a few reverse kegels. Do 10 reps and that will start to stretch out your pelvic floor.


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