Top 8 Benefits of Semen Retention

semen retention Aug 27, 2020

Semen retention is an incredible lifestyle where you start to build up sexual energy. You build it up instead of constantly dispersing it. Most men have never held a charge of sexual energy in their body for a long period of time. Most men have to release it as soon as they feel it. They can’t hold that sensation. So when you learn to hold onto this sexual charge and build it, incredible changes start to happen in your physical, mental, and emotional body.


  1. Increased Testosterone Levels


On day 7 of practicing semen retention, your testosterone levels go up by about 150%. You get this peak in testosterone levels. There’s a lot of hormonal changes happening in semen retention and I think that’s part of the benefits experienced during semen retention.


  1. Increased Confidence


Your confidence is going to increase tremendously when you start practicing semen retention. For me, personally, I used to really lack confidence in my life and a lot of this had to do with watching porn and constantly masturbating and ejaculating. I was constantly discharging my energy. I was at this low hormonal state all the time. I had low levels of testosterone, I had no motivation in my life. Once I started practicing semen retention, this was one of the biggest changes I noticed. I had this sense of confidence, like I could do anything. Other people pick up on this too. I was suddenly unafraid to make bold moves, approach women, etc. 


  1. Increased Energy Levels


My energy levels skyrocketed when I started practicing semen retention. I believe that this is due to the fact that when you’re constantly ejaculating, your testosterone has a lower state and the body is focusing on creating more semen and it’s pulling a lot of its resources out of the organs and spinal fluid, to create new semen. This takes a toll on the body. When you’re constantly ejaculating, your body's working overtime. When you cut out that energy loss, the body suddenly has all this energy. It’s incredible. You’ll likely need to sleep less and feel more driven. Personally, I live a very busy life. I’m practicing qigong, tai chi, internal martial arts, yoga, I got to the gym, I’m at it hours a day. I run a business, I’m in a relationship. I’m very busy, but I still have a  ton of energy because I’m not throwing this energy away. 


  1. Increased Motivation


You’re going to have this huge driving force, this motivation in your life. You’re going to have to keep yourself busy because you’ll have a ton of energy that will need to go somewhere. You’ll have this huge charge of sexual energy and this desire that builds up. When you’re able to contain this huge charge, keep it balanced, and let it drive you in your life, you have so much motivation. It’s very important to keep yourself busy because you’re going to need something to put all the energy into. You’re going to be VERY motivated.


  1. Increased Willpower


It takes a lot of willpower to retain your semen. Let’s face it, it’s a biological urge we have to release our semen. Especially in this day and age where we are constantly bombarded by sexual imagery online, in the media, you can’t go anywhere without seeing sexually stimulating images. It takes a lot of willpower to get out of these old patterns of stimulate, arouse, release. Once you’re able to do this and resist these old patterns, this willpower carries over to every other part of your life. 


  1. Increased Attraction


You become much more attractive to others when you’re practicing semen retention. A lot of people have experienced this. A lot of this is due to the hormonal changes that happen in the body. You have more testosterone. Your body secretes more pheremones. The opposite sex picks up on this. Your skin becomes more healthy. You have this glow to you. Overall, you’re just radiating this sexual energy and it’s so magnetic to people. Everyone around you is going to detect this. 


  1. Improved Focus


Men feel brain fog after ejaculating. It’s inevitable because of the hormonal changes that happen. The body releases prolactin after ejaculation, testosterone is suppressed, and you lose a lot of zinc.. A lot of men are zinc depleted because they ejaculate every day and they’re not able to replenish it as fast as their bodies are releasing it. This leads to brain fog and a lack of mental clarity. When you practice semen retention, you become much more cognitive. Your memory increases, your focus increases. 


  1. Increased Creativity


Sexual energy is creative energy. We don’t have to express this as sexual desire. We can express this in art, poetry, any creative work. You can channel this high charge of sexual energy into anything. You’ll be amazed at all the creativity you have. I used to think I had to drink a lot of caffeine and smoke weed to keep my creative juices flowing, but once I started practicing semen retention, I realized I could use this energy as a creative force. I was inspired and created all the time. I see the same thing in other men too. They suddenly have all these creative ideas, they start a business, they become successful because all of these factors in their lives are changing.

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