Using Sound to Amplify Pleasure & Arousal

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Most men don’t make sound during sex. They're almost completely silent and there’s many reason for this. A lot of it comes down to being afraid to express ourselves. As we were growing up we were taught that sex is something shameful that we should feel guilty about and so we tend to do it in complete secrecy. We do this quickly and as quietly as possible. And that transfers over to our sexual habits, often where sex becomes something we do secretly and we don’t want to bring so much attention to ourselves. This really limits our sexual experiences because making sound, making noise, is one of the best ways you can both amplify the pleasure that you’re feeling and control your arousal level and have full body states of orgasms.

Through making noises during sex, it accomplishes many different things. First of all, it helps you communicate with your partner’s feelings of pleasure. Most men like it when there partner makes a lot of sound during sex. If you watch porn you notice that a lot of female porn actors make a lot of exaggerated noise during sex. We often find it desirable because it turns us on as well. When you make noise during sex , it communicates to your partner that you're enjoying yourself, your turned on, and that you’re feeling pleasure, and it often increases there arousal as well.

Making sound during sex really helps you get out of your head. It helps you fully get into your body. It fully activates your primal nature, being completely in your body, being in your deepest experience of sex, sexual pleasure, and intimate connection. Making sound also vibrates your body. It creates a physical and energetic vibration that opens up more space in your body, and this can allow you to move the sexual pleasure that you’re feeling in your genitals, to your entire body.

The most important aspect to male ejaculation control, and also getting the full body orgasms, is not having this sexual energy that’s building up, not having the arousal be limited to the space to the genitals alone, but being able to move it throughout the rest of the body and the whole body gets involve. Whenever sexual energy is stuck, it builds up a lot of pressure. There’s nowhere for it to go so you ejaculated out and it’s over. But by using various techniques, one of course, is by making sound. You start to open up more space so the sexual energy can move to you entire body and now you can hold much more pleasure in a much higher level of arousal without ejaculating and getting into full body states of orgasm. Making sound amplifies the pleasure that you’re feeling and move’s it through your body and this is a very simple thing to start working with right away.

So now we’re getting to the more practical aspects. What do you mean by making sound?

This would be different to every person, but making some sort of vocalization using your voice, your throat, opening that throat space to make some sort of sound specifically to create a vibration in the body. So I’m going to share some examples with you on the different kinds of sounds. First, we’re going to make a low or animalistic groan or moaning sound. So when you make that sound, notice where you feel the vibration in your body. You may feel your belly vibrating, you pelvic floor vibrating and draws your awareness down there.  Now we make a medium tone sound. So you notice you feel it more on your chests. Now you make that high pitch sound or humming sound. So you notice it vibrates your head. It’s actually one secret to mantra practice, like in yoga or meditation.

Most energy cultivation system has some sort of mantra and the purpose of this is to vibrate certain areas of the body to allow more energy to flow and we can use this to our advantage during sex.

 I want you to try something. Place your hand on your genitals and just feel that space and make that low groaning or moaning sound. Do it a few times and just notice how that feels, notice how that feels in your body and notice what you start to feel. You may feel you belly area starts to vibrate and this is important in opening up the body to full body states of pleasure and orgasms.

 I recommend you practicing with this. You can start making noise with your partner. If they're not used to you making sound, tell them what you’re doing in expressing yourself in a more primal way to create more excitement and sexual arousal for both of you. If you don’t have a partner or even just in general, I recommend first practicing this by yourself in getting to know how making sound affects the pleasure that you’re feeling and your arousal.  Do this by, of course, self stimulating and don’t use porn, don’t use fantasy just connect with your body on what you are feeling.  Make some sort of sound, the different tones that I have mentioned earlier. Notice what does this does with your arousal state, your perception of pleasure, and how you feel sexual pleasure in your body. Notice how it tends to draw you more into the sexual experience. You get less out of your head and more directly with what is happening. So this can really help you clear up any blockages you have of around sexual expression.

I guarantee if you work this practice, it would help create much more of a fulfilling sexual experience both for yourself and your partner because, inevitably, in this world of very skewed version of sexuality that we learn growing up, almost all of us develop some sort of shame or guilt around sex and sexuality. This practice can help you to own your sexual nature, to enhance the pleasure you’re feeling and learn to experience this full body state of orgasm and notice how when you’re making a sound it is much easier for you to control your ejaculation. As you are self stimulating or as your having sex, as your arousal increases, really amp up the sounds so you’re getting the full state of sexual orgasms.

Practice it regularly, maybe the first time you do it feels a bit awkward, a bit different, but as you train and as you integrate this into your practice, I guarantee you will experience a much higher dimension of sexual experience.

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