Porn Addiction - A Modern Epidemic

Porn causes physical, mental, emotional, social, and sexual dysfunctions for men. When you watch porn, the brain gets a hit of dopamine; so when you’re clicking video after video your dopamine levels go up to 200% the normal level.  Why is this a problem? The unusual amount of dopamine released while watching pornography causes the brain to shut down & shut down dopamine receptor sites so that less are available, effectively becoming desensitized to dopamine.  This means that when you’re not looking at porn you feel depressed and lethargic. This causes many people to seek other addictive activities.


Porn completely distorts a man’s view of sexuality. The majority of us learn about sex through porn, I certainly did. Porn depicts a completely fake and out-of-context view of sexuality - one that favors the man experiencing a very limited amount of pleasure which is totally fixated on a short-lived explosive orgasm which...

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Sexual Awakening


Statistically the average man takes 4-6 minutes in bed before ejaculating - yet most women take 20-40 minutes to become fully aroused and orgasmic. Many men feel sexually inferior to their partners, and this often leads to a battle for supremacy in other areas of the relationship. It may even extend beyond the relationship, as men try to dominate in politics, economics, and religion. But in the bedroom, the woman still holds the supreme sexual power.  After all, women birth children from their wombs, as the goddesses of birthing life the hold sexual superiority. Ancient Taoists viewed sex as a very natural and important aspect of daily life, and developed methods to harmonize sexual exchange. For men, this involves learning to control their ejaculation, experience full-body orgasms, and deepen the energetic exchange with their partner. When a man learns to prevent his sexual fire from quickly burning out, while skillfully arousing and bringing...

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